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Reservations are open for the Abyssal Archive, a true encyclopedia of the series –

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Publisher Tune & Fairweather announced deep archivepracticallyencyclopedia from the series Evil spirits, consisting of very luxurious sizes. These days reservations are open. It’s certainly not cheap work, given that we’re talking about €180 for the Standard Edition, €249 for the Limited Edition and €495 for the Benefactor Edition, but some enthusiasts will surely love it.

The folders that make up the abyssal archive

One of the maps of the abyssal archive
One of the maps of the abyssal archive

The reservation campaign, which can be accessed from this page, will run until August 14, 2022. Anyone who books a copy during the deadline will also receive a FREE Digital Pack of the book (mainly PDF and ePub versions), which will be sent via email. Upon closing of reservations, the Limited and Benefactor editions will no longer be available. As for shipping work we are talking about the beginning of 2023, but since it is an estimate, the period can also be postponed.

The author of the book Abyssal Archive is Lokey, considered one of the world’s leading experts on the Dark Souls series. In addition to the volumes, the Abyssal Archive also includes a map of Lordran drawn by artist Judson Kwan.

In total, the Abyssal Archive consists of 528 pages, divided into two volumes and featuring 17 color illustrations by artist Juan Acosta.

If you are interested, this is it Project official page.

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