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Will Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 connect to the Spider-Verse? Clues and denials on the character of the work

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appeared today aMiles Morales action figure Referring to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2the game is in development at Insomniac, and some immediately saw evidence to make us weigh Connection with the Spider-Verse for the animated movieHasbro, however, appears to have partially denied the matter.

The connection was somewhat tenuous but by no means taken away: the description of the statuette actually speaks of a superhero fighting enemies “across the multiverse and at home in New York.” Furthermore, even having interchangeable hands with “Venom Power” could indicate possible affinities with the Spider-Verse.

However, Hasbro appears to have contacted Comicbook to rectify this, claiming that Product description is incorrect. In any case, this wouldn’t be the first time such a connection had occurred: even in a trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the new animated movie, it was actually possible to see characters taken from insomniac video games.

Not only that, even in the first Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the suit featured white spiders that are typical of Marvel’s Spider-Man video games, so regardless of incorrect or incorrect descriptions of the action figure, the idea that he is There may be connections to the film, also considering the alleged closeness between the two producers.

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