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Lino Banfi’s serious illness: there is no cure for it “I try everything”

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Lino Bungi – Beeline 24

Lino Banfi recently witnessed a great tragedy, as the disease crept into his life. He seems bitter that there is no cure. He really tries them all…

Lino Banfi is one of the actors who They made the history of Italian comedy. In fact, his films have become real favorites among all those who are nostalgic for economic prosperity.

The actor has always shown great humility, because he is the one who really made himself, building with difficulty His acting career was fraught with many economic hardships. In fact, before breaking into the world of cinema, Lino Banfi lived as a penniless artist in a Milan that wasn’t quite as welcoming to a man from the south.

However, he finally managed to pull it off Conquering cinemas and the hearts of Italians. With his participation in the fictional opinion Un medico in famiglia Then he made himself known to the new generations as wellbecoming the most famous grandfather in Italy.

He now faces harsh personal drama due to Unfortunately, the disease has entered its home There seems to be no cure.

Lino Banfi and the Drama of Illness: No Cure

over the past few years Lino Banfi has particularly dramatic moments And hard. In fact, he struggles every day with a disease that, unfortunately, has no cure and can kill a part of it forever. In fact, His wife, Lucia Zagaria, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

24- Lineadiretta's disease
24- Lino Bungi and Lucia Zagaria – Lineadiretta24

Recently, during an interview, actor Apulian said something very touching about his partner: “We lived a moderate life, you’ve never taken a trip abroad or a cruise. Now that I can, unfortunately, I can’t do it because of his illness.” However, Lino Banfi has not lost heart and still hopes to find a cure. Until then he will use the best doctors to try it Slows down the course of the disease.

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Lucia has always been close to him and the two have been together for a very long time. I accompanied him and encouraged him throughout his careerEven when he moved to Milan, he wasn’t living a very comfortable life. She even sent him money to help him out. They are really great love that has withstood the test of time and the many ups and downs of life. Now the man is close to her in dealing with the disease. This is what the representative asked Pope Francis: “I asked the Holy Father exactly what you asked me to ask. You told him you wanted to leave togetherat the same time, holding hands as we have always done in our lives.”

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