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Record-breaking Benelli, one of the best sellers in Italy

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Benelli, the best-selling brand in Italy, reached 8,522 registrations only in the first months of 2022.

Record-breaking Benelli – Motori.News

So Leoncino’s house He took first place in the ranking, thanks to a very large number of registered cars, compared to previous years. The company is among the best known and most well-known companies. Over the years it has never taken steps back, but has made major changes to its vehicles, making it the best in its segment.

Benelli The first semester closes with 6% increase in sales Compared to last year, the market share reached 10.8%. These results have not been achieved for years now, Also thanks to covid And the economic crisis that destroys the economy of any Italian family. In the coming months, there may be important news ready to increase the number of sales even more than today.

Benelli reaches 10.8% of the market thanks to the sale of some vehicles in particular

If Benelli is able to get to those numbers, he’s too thanks for trk sales 502which has been confirmed The best selling bike all over Italy. The data claims that 4,436 TRKs have been registered so far. Followed by the Leoncino 800, Leoncino 800 Trail, with 1,000 units sold in just a few months.

After all, it can only be an advantage 125cc range. Sales also reached interesting numbers for the Leoncino 125 and BN 125 models. These models are followed by the best-selling Leoncino 500, Leoncino 500 Trail and Imperiale 400.

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Sales Director Gianni Monini’s words

Today, Gianni Monini is also the Commercial Director of Benelli Italy He claims to be satisfied with the result. It is an extraordinary historical milestone that we have been able to achieve With passion, determination and commitment who have been a part of the company for years.

Selling cars and motorcycles They are the result of excellent teamwork, consistent, making it possible to create cars of excellent quality, with great performance that are now chosen and favored by all who have trusted Benelli for years. Nobody, especially in recent months, has the opportunity to make purchases and spend large sums. However, those who do, choose to buy Benelli vehicles which guarantees efficiency and service.

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