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Press Release: The Movie Screenplay: $39.99 Film Script Coverage in 7 Days or Less

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In 7 business days or less, "The Movie Screenplay" will provide a thorough film script analysis of your movie screenplay. They'll read it, critique it and get it back to you for $39.99.
Many movie screenplays are handed to film producers, production companies and financiers on a daily basis. Most never make it to the next level, most never get read.

That's where comes in.  We are a team of industry professionals (writers, proofreaders and editors) who have gone through an endless amount of screenplays. We are hired to read through screenplays and summarize then in about 5 to 7 pages.

We break down screenplays by short paragraphs about the characters involved, what works and what doesn't, and provide a final analysis. The meat of the report is the synopsis, which breaks down your screenplay from beginning to end. Your screenplay is graded on many levels (plot, structure, etc.) and send back to you, your financier, your producer or your production company.

The fact is, these people don't have time to read your entire screenplay. We save them that time and make it readable for them.

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