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Quattro Halves: Trailer for the Italian Netflix movie

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Netflix The trailer for . has been released four halves, choral comedy directed by Alessio Maria Federici, written by Martino Colli and perform it Elenia Pastorelli, Matilda Giuli, Giuseppe Maggio and Matteo MartariComing to Netflix on January 5th only. The film is produced by Cattleya and Bartlebyfilm in association with Vision Distribution and in association with IMPREBANCA SpA.

the plot

Having a soul mate for everyone is a very romantic but perhaps unscientific theory, and for Luca and Sarah, the temptation to test them is strong. But above all, this soul mate, how are you made? Does he look like us or is he the opposite of us? This is how the two, almost as a challenge, invite four friends, who, coincidentally, are not married to dinner: Chiara, Matteo, Julia, and Dario. 4 Half – which inspired Martino Coli’s novel of the same name, which came out on January 11 with Sperling & Kupfer – is a romantic comedy that tells the stories of four characters and four couples who could make up two possible alternate realities. Who will fall in love with whom?

  • Ilenia Pastorelli is straightforward: an anesthesiologist, seeming only naive and distracted, Chiara is an instinctive and emotional woman with crystal clear ideas: she is looking for a serious story. He’s not afraid to admit it, and he’s not afraid to try it. Practically irresistible.
  • Mathilde Jolie is Julia: A researcher in statistics and mathematics for finance, Julia is a woman who realizes her own potential, both at work and in her private life. Pragmatic, outspoken, doesn’t expect much from others – and she may be wrong about this – but she demands everything from herself. Maybe a lot?
  • GIUSEPPE MAGGIO is DARIO: a lawyer, a womanizer, Dario knows how to please. The joke will be ready, and you will look a little like that, but the girls seem irresistible. Except for one… In fact, behind that arrogant air, he also had a heart. And maybe he’s just waiting for the right person to prove it.
  • Matteo Martari is Matteo: he collaborates with a publishing house but is by no means a boring thinker. Spontaneous and affectionate, Mateo, like Chiara, is not afraid to get involved. He loves to joke, but he’s not one to steal the show. On the contrary: he will more than once prove his ability to step down …
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