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WhatsApp, what is the third blue check? The whole truth about a possible update

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WhatsApp is considering introducing the third blue check, but many users don’t seem to like the idea.

The past few years marked by b COVID-19 pandemic And social distancing, making the variety more popular messaging platforms Allowing you to stay in touch with friends, family, co-workers, partners, etc. Specifically the need for no contact to avoid the spread of infection Drive more and more people to use these apps, including those who have never been accustomed to technology (we especially think of people of a certain age). The applications that offer this service are many, but the most famous worldwide is undoubtedly The WhatsApp.

The third blue check for Whatsapp – network image –

The audience of users that WhatsApp can count on is really huge, but the application is well aware that to continue being the queen of messaging platforms, it is necessary to consider User comments and making changes that really improve the experience of using the app.

The third blue tick on WhatsApp, what is it for?

However, sometimes some WhatsApp ideas Customers don’t like them at all It is cut before it becomes concrete. This is the situation The third blue tick, a rumor that started circulating in recent weeks and which is sparking a lot of discussion among WhatsApp users. But what will this new option consist of?

As all those who use WhatsApp know very well, one tick means that the message has been sent, while the second tick indicates that the recipient has received the message. If both ticks turn blue, that means it is The recipient has read the message: Those who have not selected Read Receipt do not show the two blue ticks to their contacts when messages are read.

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WhatsApp update is possible
Possible WhatsApp update – network image –

In short, at least according to rumors reported by the TecnoAndroid site, the third blue check will serve to indicate that The interlocutor took a screenshot of the conversation. For now, this is just a rumor, moreover, denied by the WABetaInfo portal, usually very knowledgeable about everything related to messaging platforms and especially WhatsApp.

However, there are many users who have already made it clear that they do not like this option. Rumors reveal that WhatsApp was considering introducing a third blue check Block screenshots of temporary messagesthat is, those messages that can be viewed only once and which disappear shortly after being viewed.

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