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Samsung Galaxy A13, the most versatile mid-range is to buy now for € 140

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the Samsung Galaxy A13 phone It is one of the best mid-ranges currently on the market, with Very interesting camera compartmentAt least for this price range. The device then combines a soft-touch design with subtle black, white and blue colors, for a unique, linear style tapered Which enhances the comfortable grip and facilitates the use of the device. Then go up Amazon And Close your purchase immediately for only €140 in pieces from 3 GB / 32 GB. Shipments are free, fast and secure thanks Firstly.

Samsung Galaxy A13: a successful mid-range

Galaxy A13 has the processing and storage speed you’ve been looking for. Advanced Octa core processor The powerful RAM ensures smooth and efficient performance, while the large internal memory allows you to keep all your memories. If you then add a tab microSDYou can get more space up to 1 terabyte. integrated into your smartphone hardware and software, Samsung Knox Protects your device from the moment it’s turned on. Thanks security MultilevelDefends your sensitive data from malware and other threats.

Four cameras to capture more. Make Your unforgettable memories And rich in detail thanks to the 50 MP main camera. Expand your angle of view with the Ultra Wide Camera. Customize focus with depth or camera Shoot close-ups Rich in detail with macro camera. With vision similar to the human eye, the 5MP Ultra Wide Camera sees the world from a 123-degree angle, adding more perspective to all your shots.

A listening experience out of the ordinary with Dolby Atmos. Simply put on your headphones to feel surrounded by the music or drawn in to a movie. You will enjoy with Dolby Atmos Voices full and intense that seem to transport you to the scene. Face your day with a full load of energy. thanks for the 5000 mAh battery (typical value) You will be able to devote yourself to your activities without worrying about remaining autonomy. Choose your favorite colors of black, white, blue, and Close your purchase on Amazon immediately for only € 140. Shipments are free, fast and secure thanks Firstly.

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