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Save Gasoline in 3 Simple Steps: How to Pay Less | The ultimate guide

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Although fuel prices are still high, there are small steps to take to save money.

Minimize sudden braking and acceleration, check tires regularly and maintain a steady driving pace. Here’s how to save on fuel.

Expensive fuel has left many with their backs against the wall, and while prices have risen, citizens have been forced to look for viable alternatives to reduce the costs inherent in the loads of diesel and petrol in their cars.

Despite the intensification of consumer protests, the price remained the same. What really helped the citizens to maintain this particular status was the change in their way of life.

Often, while driving, you do not pay much attention to some actions that are being performed that can lead to increased fuel consumption. Correcting some of the wrong behaviors while driving could help many Italians reduce the costs associated with filling up their cars.

Helpful tips on how to save fuel

The remedies we will be talking about today will consist of valid alternatives aimed at correcting some harmful behavior without the driver being aware of it.

  • Choose “green” alternatives for short trips: Avoiding using the car for short distances is the correct behavior to follow. This is also because on shorter trips, your engine consumes more due to the fact that colder it takes more energy to start;
  • Keep the cycles low: Shifting at lower engine speeds will save fuel. maintain a constant 2,500 rpm for petrol engines and 2,000 rpm for diesel engines before changing gear;
  • steady pace: Avoid sudden acceleration and braking, and maintain a steady pace is the best choice to avoid disproportionate fuel consumption;
  • Periodic tire inspection: Flat tires help create more traction with the road. Not only does this wear out more tires, but it also takes more effort from the engine;
  • Avoid using air conditioners and seat heaters: Both, to be activated, require a large influx of energy and, accordingly, a greater demand for fuel. To understand the situation, and to keep the temperature constant, the air conditioner may require an increase in fuel consumption by 1 or 2 liters every 100 km;
  • Turn off the engine while stationary: This is useless waste for both your pockets and the environment.
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Gasoline prices

Useful apps to compare petrol prices

In addition to the advice that we gave previously, which is only for driving modeAnother tip that should not be underestimated and that will save you a lot of money. Downloading apps that let you compare petrol prices will help you avoid spending a fortune. In particular, the app we recommend is “gasoline prices” Which, thanks to user reports, allows you to quickly track down the nearest distributor and lowest cost. Moreover, there is the possibility to search also for the so-called “white pumps”, so called because they do not have a well-defined brand and therefore no advertising costs to be incurred. The result is a much lower fuel price than petrol stations with the logo.

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