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Snatched the best Italian film of the year for the Critics Union – The Last Hour

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Kidnapped by Marco Bellocchio is the best Italian film of the year by the National Federation of Film Critics. The award ceremony will be held as part of the 35th edition of the Trieste Film Festival at Politeama Rossetti on January 23 with this motive: “Political conflict, religious war, psychoanalytic drama immersed in the body and mind of the protagonist.” Who was initially only six years old. In the forced conversion of Edgardo Mortara, a young Jew kidnapped by the Vatican in 1857, Marco Bellocchio rediscovers the roots of his long cinematic journey with the momentum of the beginnings and the maturity of the master. In all its power and moral ambiguity it recalls a kind of all-Italian “Dreyfus Affair”, which had a global resonance at that time. An author's dedication that never ceases to amaze.

After its successful theatrical release in the USA, Kidnapped was also successfully received by French audiences, and is among Télérama's best films of the year. The film received acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival, was praised by The Guardian newspaper and recommended by Variety magazine, and was recognized in Italy by the foreign press, the Golden Globe and the Italian press, obtaining 7 silver ribbons. The film focuses on the story of Edgardo Mortara, a Jewish child who was taken from his family in 1858 to be raised as a Catholic under the guardianship of Pope Pius IX, sparking an international issue. The film is a production by IBC and Kavac Film with Ray. A co-production with Ad Vitam Production and The Match Factory, produced by Beppe Cacheto and Simone Gattoni, and stars Paolo Pirobone, Fausto Russo Alessi, Barbara Ronchi, Ennea Sala (Edgardo Mortara as a child), Leonardo Maltese (Edgardo as a child). Boy) and with Filippo Timi and Fabrizio Givonni.

The cast was completed by Andrea Girbelli, Samuele Tenigi, Corrado Invernese, Aurora Camati, Paolo Calabresi, Bruno Carrillo, Renato Sarti, Fabrizio Contri, Federica Fracassi. The film was distributed in Italy by 01 Distribution and international sales by The Match Factory.

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