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Football defeat, the match was not to be played. Five shots before the derby, the field is full

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A game not to be played, a defeat for the sports establishments that struggle every summer to talk about the “Championship of Italians” and then put up shows that don’t even deserve a third class or championship among friends. When a team that must save itself is faced with a great team without thirteen players and without anyone thinking of putting off the assumption – with all precautions – that today’s negatives can be positive the day after tomorrow, it is a defeat for all. In the face of common sense, the pronouncements and the regularity of heroism so often portendous. Today there were 2,500 spectators, who deserve respect and compensation. There are people who got cold, grind for many kilometers and spend a lot of money to attend some kind of open training, in a surreal atmosphere and with lasari Who rejoiced greatly after losing a child from Primavera. Imagine if such a thing happened to a direct confrontation with Spezia and Genoa. It is true that the epidemic poses an imminent danger to everyone and that “today for me, tomorrow for you”, but changing protocols week by week and even bypassing health authorities is unacceptable for the major Italian football championship. Lotito took advantage of that and obviously likes to win easily, says one of the adverts. The former sponsor never missed an opportunity to stir up controversy, perhaps a half declaration of affection and solidarity is a nice gesture after years of harassment and unfair pronouncements.

So beautiful, though, are those of the new patron Iervolino, welcomed by the choir and banner of affection but perhaps worthy of a fuller stage. We fully understand the position of the Ultras, who deserve absolute respect. But the next indoor match will be with Spezia and we face a crossroads: preliminary questions or redemption Salerno? Net from this astonishing record of home defeats (six out of Colantono’s six defeats, without a goal!) we think the “twelfth man” factor should make the difference, especially in matches against Liguria and with Cagliari, Udinese and Bologna. A gun that concedes points are of vital importance. We were talking about Iervolino. A big style conference that got the media from all over Italy talking. The road was also steep, for there was such a desire for ‘liberation’ that the successor of the ‘Romans’ would have been lauded regardless. But we’re talking about a man of depth and culture who, even with some statements we didn’t share (a football novice can’t turn a deaf ear to managers who have been in this world for 40 years and won trophies), has reignited the fervor.

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Now, however, we expect the facts. We need time to implement many projects, but from a manager like Sabatini and with such a budget, it is legitimate to hope that the shots will be more than five and inside the derby with Napoli, otherwise we will continue to play in a complete emergency. There are many common names. Today in Arechi there was an agent Sepe, the goalkeeper who will replace Belec once again in difficulty. Lorini and Falco will be important players, filling in the obvious gaps. There will also be two central defenders, two midfielders, a winger capable of jumping the man and a striker if, apparently, Simi goes too far in Monza’s direction. A complete revolution, but also a good testing ground for those who have been praised even before formalization and have the skills, means, character, professionalism, character, knowledge and experience to write perhaps the most incredible page in history, such as to open up unimaginable future scenarios. So now macte animo, Salernitana! It’s over say finally!

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