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Montreal author highlights the importance of cultural acceptance in a new Christmas book for children.

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Author and artist Lesley Fletcher explores themes of immersion and tolerance in All I Want for Christmas Is a Wishmas Tree.

MONTREAL – Nov. 9, 2010. Through clear, simple text and colourfully compelling illustrations Lesley Fletcher offers a glimpse into the life of Myriam, a Muslim girl in Canada, who wishes for a North American token of celebration in her home: a Christmas Tree.

In All I Want for Christmas Is a Wishmas Tree, Fletcher tells the story of Myriam who represents the concerns of youth from other countries trying to fit in and integrate in a predominantly Christian society. Fletcher’s child-friendly style invites young readers to engage, empathize and ask questions about the challenges of being different from the mainstream culture. Enticing readers with both Christian and Muslim imagery, she diffuses fear of difference and misunderstanding of other systems of belief and ways of life. Through a down-to-earth yet meaningful children’s book, Fletcher shows how easy it is to include parts of other cultures in one’s own life. In All I Want for Christmas Is a Wishmas Tree, she passionately promotes conversation and reflection as children deal with either their personal transition from one society to another, or, the inclusion of other societies into their own.

All I Want for Christmas is a Wishmas Tree sways its way through the subtleties and enigma of meshing cultures and religions in a society which can be both intolerant and unforgiving of difference. “Wishmas...” says Fletcher, “is close to my heart because it represents compromise and beauty—the beauty of acceptance of others, and ultimately, of ourselves. I believe it is the perfect Christmas book for the times we live in. It encourages understanding, friendship and above all respect for family and tradition.”

All I Want for Christmas Is a Wishmas Tree is available for sale at online book retailers and in bookstores everywhere.

About the Author : Lesley Fletcher is an artist and illustrator. Whenever possible she travels with Habitat for Humanity to help build homes while forming cultural bridges in developing countries. She currently resides in the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec. Fletcher has written and illustrated three books: Prom Girls: A North American Rite of Passage, All I Want for Christmas Is a Wishmas Tree, and Hey Angel! Her fourth book, Healing With Words, is intended for release in March 2011.


Lesley Fletcher


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Lesley Fletcher welcomes interviews and inquiries from groups and individuals of all ages. For more information and scheduled appearances, visit


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