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Chiara Frontini focuses on cinema and brings Simona Tartaglia to the team

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municipal elections – Director’s wife Giorgio Capitani with Viterbo 2020 – Film Commission, Recovery of the Genius: projects presented in Piazza San Lorenzo

by Daniel Camille

Viterbo Film Commission for Viterbo and Tuscia, Screenwriters Award, Task Credit, Multimedia Center, Genius Theater Restoration and Major Events. This is the proposal of mayoral candidate Chiara Frontini of the 2020 movement in light of the municipal elections in the City of the Popes.

“It is time for Viterbo – said Frontini – to be a city that makes a show. And through the show you can create induced activities and employment.”

The press conference for the presentation of this new part of the Frontini programme, this morning in Piazza San Lorenzo in Viterbo. Where, in the past, important films were made. From Orsini Wells to Marshall Roca.

Chiara Frontini, Carlo Cosi and Simona Tartaglia

To manage it all, if Frontini’s list wins the election, Carlo Cosi and Simona Tartaglia. The first is an important television product, behind which there are many works. As for Ray, he recently produced the documentary “Sofia”, dedicated to actress Sophia Loren, which will soon be broadcast in prime time. Simona Tartaglia, wife of director Giorgio Capitani, in turn has collaborated with major actors and film and television producers, from Gigi Proytty to Paolo Villaggio.

Cozy said the goal of our list is to create a municipal and Tossia film commission. The regional fund is already in Rome and Lazio, but the focus of the funds is often focused only on the capital. The Film Commission in Viterbo and Tossia will be used to attract funds for film and television productions.”

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“Next – continues Cozzi – we also want to create a scriptwriters award for films that are set and contextualized in Viterbo. Context means that location is then highlighted in the film, not like Catch 21 with George Clooney, who is also filmed in Viterbo. In In this film, the parts made in the city of the Popes turn out to be a corner of Rome. Instead, Viterbo must be the protagonist and be.”

Viterbo 2020 - Conference in Piazza San Lorenzo

Viterbo 2020 – Conference in Piazza San Lorenzo

In the field, besides Frontini, there are also two former municipal councilors Letizia Chiatti and Alfonso Antoniossi.

“To support TV and film productions – added Carlo Cozzi – we are also thinking of another little-known tool. That of the mission credit, the production tax credit, which rose to 40% after the pandemic, is specifically to help productions at this point in the crisis.”

Finally, two more initiatives. “The Multimedia Center – explained Cozzi – is a professional course for creating the skills needed for the world of film and television directly on site. The Multimedia Center, as already located in Terni, is also used to provide support for productions that intend to use the interiors of buildings and homes without then having to return To Rome for photography.
Tartaglia spoke instead of restoring the Genio Theater.

Simona Tartaglia

Simona Tartaglia

“The theater – said Tartaglia – cannot be immediately restored as a complex. Regional law forbids it. However, we can restore the theater as a single screen using the resources provided by the Ministry. Take it back to transform it into a multi-purpose center also dedicating it to the excitement of cinema. Not only – continued Tartaglia – but spaces Genius is also apt for a cinema museum associated with education. All in collaboration with local associations and other festivals, such as Tuscia Film Fest.”

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For major events, Carlo Cosi always intervenes.

“We aim to carry out a whole series of major events – commented Cosi – and create the conditions for us to develop them in the future. First of all, Viterbo Play the Game, a fun video festival to do in Pratogiardino.

The video game market moved 21 billion euros to Italy. Then we want to consolidate the history of the Middle Ages with the Middle Ages that will rebuild the life of the Viterbo people at that time. Involving the organizers of Ludika 1243, the University of Tuscia and the important medieval Bevagna market in Umbria. Next – Cozy concludes – we also think of a space dedicated to music. Music District Viterbo. Once in Viterbo there was a concert on the second of September.

That hasn’t happened in nearly twenty years. We want to create a permanent theater where local, national and international reality can make music and concerts happen. Finally, a stage that should be used for a national competition to allow DJs to compete and be rewarded.”

Daniel Camille

March 10, 2022

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