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To celebrate my 40th birthday and ten years of love with Kim (Russi Stewart, husband, actor and director, editor) I couldn’t have wished for a better gift: I’m pregnant with my third child who will be born in February. Pregnancy is going well and we are not asking at the moment if it will be male or female. Who would have thought? No! But life surprises us a little and builds it up a little. Indeed, when you really want something with your heart, a dream can come true. When you are young and so focused on yourself, you often deceive yourself, risking trying relationships as compensation or a way to fill in the gaps. As a girl I never imagined I would reach my place. However, as I got older, I looked inside to see what would make me happy. the answer? love. In short, I understood that the meaning of my life was in the family.

Dad made me get used to arguing and we talked to him about everything, including philosophy. Until I was 17 every day they drove me to school and came to pick me up. Of course, too much sense of protection has a downside: it does not prepare you for suffering, for the low blows of life. The year of maturity I found myself alone in Rome and it was difficult. I moved because I was in my first movie.

A love for acting was born in the gym. I attended a classic high school in Latina, a great school with enthusiastic teachers. In the afternoon there was a course in film criticism, in which I signed up and went into a crisis. When I was a child I studied ballet, and I’m sure I became a dancer. Instead, I suddenly became hooked on cinema and theater. Have I wasted years of my life training pointe? No, since today I love everything about my job as an actress: studying a character, giving it space, and being so many different women. Moreover, I am fascinated by the diversity of this profession. Do you think that when I walk down the street, stare at people and turn them into characters, I imagine stories. Maybe I’ll be a screenwriter someday.

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I don’t get tired with the kids

At the moment you will see me in the cinema (from November 25) with Una famiglia monstrous. I, Stella, and my husband (played by Lilo, editor), form a horrific pair of criminals. When our daughter becomes pregnant, we find out that her boyfriend belongs to a type of Italian Addams family. Every now and then I wonder if I’ll still be able to work with three kids (and no close grandparents).

But I am confident that I will succeed, even if I have to give up some projects and I will have less time for myself. On the other hand, I like to be with children, they never tire me, I like to involve them in various activities, take them to exhibitions and visit museums.

Every now and then Ettore asks me: “Mom, can we stay home for a while?”. On the other hand, our father thinks about sports, because diversity in our homeland is wealth. In fact, I argue that women and men should have the same rights but they should not be equal. We don’t make a perfect couple with Kim, but I will always remember the teachings of the premarital course we attended in 2019. It lasted a year and a half, and the pastor, who is so good, tried to show us the thorny aspects of marriage. However, the first thing he told us in his Roman accent was: “If you’re not excited, let him go.” In other words, “If there’s no passion, don’t even start.” It seemed revolutionary to me.

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our mistakes? I’ll include what I have: They’re messy, always on the go. I want to do a lot and keeping up with me is not easy. Even at home I try to stimulate children’s imagination. Currently, Jean is attracted to books. While Ettore is written more, even if he loves comics. In addition, like her well-drawn grandmother, she loves to draw. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law passed away last year, but he saw her from a young age with paint and brushes in his hand. At first we were so excited about his artistic streak that we filled the entire house with his creations. But now let’s try to choose. We hope to be able to raise our children for free and that it helps them feel special. Moreover, I hope they become independent soon. For now, I can say that I am happy and grateful. Above all, grateful for life.” It is an online newspaper also certified by Google News. To receive our updates and stay informed about it, please follow us on our updates The official Google News profile

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