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Amazon, today’s best deals February 18: our recommendations

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Amazon discounts really have everything, for every category and need: from video game lovers to kitchen lovers. However, the discounts vary from day to day, from those by time to those lasting more than one day. You will find it in the dedicated section Products discounted up to 40 percent or more. Here we try every day to show you the best deals available, by price or by product. From technology to fashion to home appliances, this is it Best offers (In our opinion) you can find it today, Friday, February 18th on Amazon.

Amazon Deals, House Slippers

faux fur, soft and warm for those winter days when the temperatures are low, These slippers are perfect for staying at home and really feeling pampered At every moment of the day. You can have it in different colors.

Slippers can be purchased here

Amazon presents, magnetic whiteboard

Today's Amazon Deals

Easy to erase thanks to a special eraser and three magnetic stamps to play with, this magnetic board It is suitable for children from 3 to 12 years oldTo entertain them with a little art.

The board can be purchased here

Amazon introduces a portable basket for firewood

Today's Amazon Deals

Anyone who has a fireplace in the house knows this: carrying wood from the garden to the stove always turns out to be scattering sawdust throughout the house. With this open bag, it is durable and has practical handlesOn the other hand, logs are transported without much difficulty and without soiling the rooms.

The bag can be purchased here

kitchen utensils set

Today's Amazon Deals

There are 36pcs of silicone kitchen utensil set: From the whip to the brush, from the tweezers to the measuring cups, With this product you will have everything you need to cook without problems.

The set can be purchased here

Amazon offers, the car phone holder

Today's Amazon Deals

This mobile phone holder can be installed on the dashboard, on the windshield, wherever you want: it fits almost all car models but also trucks and SUVs. The suction cup is super strong and the gel pad is super sticky To prevent the device from moving while driving.

Mobile phone holder can be purchased here

Amazon Deals, The Grinder

Today's Amazon Deals

With 10 speed levels, 5 preset programs and a fixed 5 degree incline, this treadmill is ideal for those who want to keep fit even with a piece of equipment at home. According to users, it is very convenient to fold it once the training is over.

The treadmill can be purchased here

Amazon offers, skin serum

Today's Amazon Deals

Recommended for reducing the first signs of aging, this concentrated serum refines and perfects skin’s texture. According to many users, this product absorbs quickly and guarantees results.

The cream can be purchased here

Amazon Deals, Levis Jeans

Today's Amazon Deals

The Levis Men’s 511 Slim Model has the perfect fit and is easily machine washable.

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Jeans can be bought here

Amazon offers dishwasher tablets

Amazon Deals, Dishwasher Tablets

It will be a long time before you have to buy dishwasher tablets again. In fact, this one Maxi pack contains 100 Fairy Platinum Plus tablets Useful for a hundred washes. For some of us, it might last as long as a year.

Towels can be found here

Amazon Deals, Knife Sharpener

Amazon sharpener offers

A worthy companion to our previous sharpener, this knife sharpener will allow us to have our tools always in shape and ready to use. In addition to fruit, kitchen and slicing knives, The manufacturer also recommends the use of scissors. Also included in the package are two cut-resistant gloves.

The knife sharpener can be found here

Amazon presents, the perfect beard set

Amazon King Gillette Deals

No more uncultivated beards with this set offered at a deeply discounted price. Provides electric beard trimmer with three combs To adjust length and do professional shades. In fact, from Very short beard (1 mm) to short beard (3-11 mm) and even long beard (13-21 mm). Due to the rechargeable battery, it is very practical to use.

The group can be found here

Amazon Introduces The Professional Planetary Blender (and Design)

Amazon Electrolux offers Ekm5550

Beautiful and practical, this planetary mixer not only has a well-finished design but allows you to make many preparations, even very complex ones. The motor has a power of 1200 watts And on board are all the accessories needed for delicious dishes, from the flat silicone whisk to the leavening lid.

Planetarium is located here

Amazon introduces the backlit keyboard

Today's Amazon Deals

For gamers, and for technical design enthusiasts, this backlit keyboard is a must have on your desk. Very comfortable also thanks to the magnetic and removable wrist rest strap. Many users recommend it not only for practicality, but for the beauty of colorful toys that can be changed.

The keyboard can be purchased here

Amazon offers vegan makeup brushes

Today's Amazon Deals

This makeup brush set contains all the essential makeup tools, including Classic Face and Eye Brushes, Niré Beauty Blender Sponge, Brush cleaning tool and professional case divided into two parts. More reason to buy it? The fact that they are all vegetarians.

The set can be purchased here

Amazon presents, FFP2 masks

FFP2 Masks

They are among the most sought after products at the moment and fortunately on display. This bundle offers 40 FFP2 and . certified masks It also allows you to choose the color. It is available in either white, black, blue, or in an assorted packaging with red also added.

Masks can be purchased here

Amazon presents the Backpack for Sports and Work

back bag

Let’s face our days with this adventurous companion. On board there is a large padded compartment for laptops up to 17.3 inches and Plenty of pockets to store and organize our personal items. With a volume of 45 liters, we can use it to bring our gym clothes to work or for a weekend away from home.

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Backpack can be purchased here

Amazon offers, crayons


We now know that drawing, coloring and scribbling are excellent ways to relax the body and mind and these are the tools for us. actually find Up to 100 tags in every imaginable coloreven the most absurd. They also have a double tip, 1mm on one side and 0.4mm on the other side. In short, also perfect for writing.

Tags can be purchased here

Amazon offers, kennel for cats and dogs

The Dog House Offers Amazon

Designed for medium-sized cats and dogs, the kennel measures 60x60x18 cms and is soft on the inside and very resistant on the outside. Inside it is a removable double-sided cushion for increased comfort and in the package there is also a bowl designed to allow our four-legged friend to “eat slowly”.

The dog house can be found here

Amazon offers, wireless headphones

Today's Amazon Deals

These wireless headphones use Bluetooth 5.1 technology which ensures faster pairing (in just 3 seconds) and universal compatibility. The earbuds are also waterproof.

Earphones can be purchased here

Amazon offers, the converter

Today's Amazon Deals

The USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter provides a connection between a computer and a video device with an RCA connector or an audio/video S connector, such as a VHS, VCR, and DVD. It supports all video formats. Users suggest it

Cable is bought here

Amazon Deals, Aroma Diffuser

Today's Amazon Deals

Aroma diffusers are able to revive our mood, improve our well-being and positively influence our attitude throughout the day. This model from Medisana is AD 625 model in bamboo, Which diffuses the fragrance in a balanced way, and also adds a touch of color to brighten the rooms in which it is located.

Publisher is bought here

Amazon presents, the 3-in-1 razor

Today's Amazon Deals

This product from Panasonic allows excellence Shaving, grooming and styling. she owns mLinear patent with three blades for 39,000 pcs/min. It’s also very accurate, thanks to the letter tFeathers with 7 cutting lengths thanks to two inserts and a long hair clipper.

You can buy a razor here

Amazon introduces the robotic vacuum cleaner

Today's Amazon Deals

Not only does it intelligently navigate and build a map of your home, but thanks to the ultrasonic sensor The robotic vacuum cleaner can effectively detect obstacles. Vacuum, wash, or do both at once.

You can buy the vacuum cleaner here

Amazon presents, a women’s watch

Today's Amazon Deals

This Liebeskind Berlin women’s wrist watch features a stainless steel case and high-quality stainless steel mesh strap with a snap closure, making it very comfortable for every day wearers. It is sold in an elegant box, so it can make a beautiful birthday gift. “For the price it’s really great” User wrote among the various reviews, all so positive that they get a majority of 5 stars.

You can buy the watch here

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Amazon Deals, Disney Princesses

Today's Amazon Deals

For those with children at home, Elsa and Anna need no introduction: they are the two little sisters who are the two protagonists of the popular Disney story “Frozen”, which has already reached its second chapter. Playing with dolls inspired by the two cartoon heroines is sure to keep little ones entertained. It is suitable for babies of two months and above. One precaution, as some users point out: These toys are very fragile, so handle them with care, avoiding sudden movements.

Dolls are bought here

Amazon introduces the rotating brush


The Rowenta Brush is called the Brush Active Premium Care and will make styling much easier after washing your hair at home. Turn around and dry in the meantimeIndicated for a conditioning effect on your hair. Among those who tried it, there are those who found it a little heavy to hold He recommends using it after going through with a hair dryer, when the hair is already damp. It is good for all hair types: Satisfies users with smooth hair for purposes, but also those who have stirred it up.

The brush is here

Amazon deals, surgical masks

Today's Amazon Deals

These surgical masks made in Italy are sold in packs of 50. They are lightweight, comfortable and equipped with an adjustable nose clip to perfectly fit the face.

Masks can be purchased at a reduced price here

Amazon introduces the camera for kids

Today's Amazon Deals

Fun toy for the little ones at home: This digital camera has a 2 inch screen and many features including auto focus, 4 fun frames, continuous shooting, 4 color filters and timed shooting options.

The device can be purchased here at a reduced price

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