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Priority for vaccination of people at risk between the ages of 12 and 17 years

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Covid and school closures, from the World Health Organization, a call arrives to give priority, in addition to “teachers”, to “vaccinate children aged 12-17 with underlying diseases or who are in contact with immunocompromised adults” . “The World Health Organization recommends the use of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for children aged 12-17 years. For children under 12, it will provide further guidance on the use of vaccines as new evidence emerges from vaccine studies.”

“To limit the impact of Covid-19 in the coming months – warns Hans Kluge, Regional Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Europe – it is essential that decisions of governments and institutions are based on data and evidence, knowing that the epidemiological situation can change and that our behavior must change with it. Science must prevail over politics, and the long-term interests of children must remain a priority, especially now that a number of countries are experiencing peak infections. We have more efficient tools to deal with this peak of school closures“.

While infections are increasing in the region, the United Nations health agency is asking that schools remain open with appropriate preventive measures in place. Stopping face-to-face lessons should be seen as a last resort, that’s the message. “Teachers are true heroes in our societies,” WHO Europe concluded.

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