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Aldo Baglio, the new movie in the cinema without Giovanni and Giacomo: the end of the trio?

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Aldo Baglio In the cinema without Giovanni and Giacomo. After the success of I Hate Summer, the final film of the 2020 trilogy, the actor is back on the big screen, but this time alone.

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Aldo Baglio, the new movie in cinemas

It’s called ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ and it’s the story of a Sicilian pizza maker, Salvo, who becomes an entrepreneur in Milan and is divided between economic woes, family tragedies and inheritance. “Aldo wanted to move a little bit from the kind of comedy we’re used to – explains Alessio Loria at the Taormina Film Festival press conference – and for me it was important to tap him not as a comedian but as a comedian, giving him space in emotional scenes. There was perfect harmony between me and him. Because we both want the same thing.”

“It is good to change the ‘scope’ over time – confirms Aldo -. This movie for me is really a ‘breath of fresh air’ and the things I carry give me safety anyway.” “I am funny, but with several bitter moments. There is a lot of me. The hero of the film takes the opportunity to reconcile with himself even before with others “adds Baglio, who plays in the film alongside Lucia Ocon, combining” laughter and poetry “.

Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, the trio in crisis?

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The movie will be released in theaters on July 7, but what do Giovanni and Giacomo think? The answer is Aldo himself, who explains how they each view each other’s work individually without interference. So no crisis looms, especially since the trio will return in December with a new movie “The Best Day of My Life”. To the fans’ delight.

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