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Sony, what’s the next State of Play date? Doubts about the future of PlayStation

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It’s already been two months since thenLatest PlayStation State of PlayIt was June 2, and during a 30-minute broadcast, Resident Evil 4 for PS5, new trailers for Street Fighter 6 and Final Fantasy XVI, and a preview of several games in development for PlayStation VR2, including Horizon, were introduced. Call of the mountain.

Since then, the Japanese house has been limited to the show miscellaneous updatesdespite the importance of advertising God of War Ragnarok release dateShowPlayStation VR2 user interface And the INZONE BRAND LAUNCH. Away from this, There is no big event in sightAnd the Not even at Gamescom 2022, which Sony will not participate in. So, there’s a good chance we’ll pass the rest of the summer without another big PlayStation show, so fans are wondering about the Japanese giant’s next moves.

At the moment, it is not clear what will happen after the fall. On September 2, the first part of The Last of Us, a remake of the first chapter of the series for PlayStation 5 and PC, will be launched, while on November 6 it will be God of War Ragnarok, undoubtedly the most anticipated video game of the year by PS4 players. and PS5.

And then? What will the PlayStation 5 lineup look like in 2023? It’s not currently well defined, so we fully understand the PlayStation community’s thirst for news. However, we are sure there are well-defined plans behind the scenes of Sony, as it has been a leader for quite some time now A strategy aimed at promoting some of the leading products simultaneously.

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So, finally, what can we expect from Sony in the coming months? Based on last year’s trend, which saw Sony air one state of the game on July 8, 2021 and another on October 27, 2021, it’s likely that a new event of this kind is planned after the launch of The Last of Us. The first part, therefore At the beginning of autumn. Among the contents, in addition to focusing on God of War Ragnarok that will be released in November, there could also be The new awaited trailer for Final Fantasy 16 (which focused on the game’s plot and world building), since the new game from Square Enix marks one of the PS5’s 2023 flagships. Plus, as well as some totally unexpected surprises, we’d love to see one last thing on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Also expected in 2023. It must be said, in any case, this Some rumors point to a show at the end of August. If so, Sony’s announcement could come as early as the end of next week.

What do you think that? Share your predictions for the future of PlayStation in the comments!

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