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Press Release: Narconon – Cult of Deception

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For Narconon in Canada to retain their registered charitable status, I suggest they be subject to a compulsory benefits test. Does this charitable treatment center benefit our society or do the harms far outweigh the good?

Narconon – Cult of Deception

For Narconon in Canada to retain their registered charitable statis, I suggest they be subject to a compulsory benefits test. Does this charitable treatment center benefit our society or do the harms far outweigh the good?


 – Oct 16, 2010 – Narconon – Cult of Deception

In Canada, Narconon Trois-Rivieres is a registered charity with all the benefits and exemptions afforded to every other charitable organization. It claims to be a public benefit by caring and treating drug addicts and alcoholics; but is this really the case? Does it benefit the general public and society as a whole, or does Narconon really do more harm than good? The controversy continues over this rehabilitation center and with the several, recent complaints filed with the Quebec Human Rights Commission, Quebec Labour Relations Board, Canada Health, Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, Quebec College of Physicians, the Canada Competition Bureau, and the Quebec Ombudsman, this controversy promises to continue far into the future for Narconon Trois-Rivieres and Scientology.

The Narconon treatment and rehab program is Scientology, with all of the bells and whistles of this convicted, criminal organization. The eight books written for this program are from L. Ron Hubbard’s books on Dianetics, which is the basis for Scientology.

So is Narconon a credible rehabilitation treatment center that benefits society or is it a money machine and recruitment facility for the Church of Scientology. With the majority of the executive staff and many of the other employees being Scientologists, and many of the new staff recruited from those who recently completed the program, the image is clear.

There are no doctors, nurses, counsellors, or any other government recognised or certified medical professional at Narconon Trois-Rivieres. Nor are there any of these professionals at any other Narconon in Canada. The methods used to “cure” addicts and alcoholics for life, as they claim and promote, are not accepted by scientists, physicians, or the health authorities. In fact, many authorities claim that the treatment methods and practices at Narconon are unsafe and dangerous.

I have written previous articles concerning the physical dangers and the damage this Narconon center exploited upon its victims and now I will touch briefly on the cult’s psychological abuse and deceptions.

Their belief system is intensely focussed on our worlds doom and their group’s elite role in taking control over society. The church leader dominates the members and harnesses close control over all the member’s actions physically, sexually, and emotionally. They demonstrate extreme paranoia and outward fear of government and outsiders. It is scientology doctrine and policy to lie or violate laws if this will further the cause and survival of their group. With this cult behaviour, comes the dangers of abuse.

When a cult group like this is in care and control over vulnerable addicts needing help, the focus is on their own group’s survival, not the intense health care these ill people so desperately want and deserve.

For Narconon in Canada to retain their registered charitable statis, I suggest they be subject to a compulsory benefits test. Does this charitable treatment center benefit our society or do the harms far outweigh the good?

With recent news media coverage, victim’s statements, and clear and concise proclamations made by health care professionals, the tax benefits this organization now enjoys could be very short lived.

David Edgar Love



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Author: Ian Walton
Oct 17, 2010
I went through the Narconon program in Los Angeles, in 1986. I was 15 years old and the threw me in with adult, long term, hardcore addicts. I saw more drugs being used during my stay there then I had ever seen on the streets. There was also a 15 year old girl there that was sexually abused by a 25 year old staff member/ex-client. Several other staff members knew about this rape and not only did not report it to the police, but they made it possible for him to be alone with her.

From the research I have done, this seems to be a common problem with the Scientology drug treatment program. They have a process they call a "touch assist", where a stranger touches you all over your body. You can imagine how sexual predators could use this "touch assist" to molest children. I don't have to imagine, because I grew up in this sick cult and had it done to me. When are the people that are supposed to stop this stuff going to do their jobs and shut this criminal cult down for good?

Author: Samuel Glodstein
Oct 17, 2010
Samuel Glodstein
What an excellent example of why the "privilege" having tax exempt status should be reviewed for all charities.

Narconon is especially worthy of scrutiny, in that it's programs are not scientifically based. In fact, several government reports have indicated it's literature has falsehoods and its program lacks of any verifiable "success rate".

I wish the US would catch up with the rest of the world, and outlaw this obvious scam.

Author: Mary McConnell
Oct 21, 2010
Narconon – Cult of Deception
Good article, Mr. Love. The truth hurts, eh Narconon?

Readers can find documents on various Narconon lawsuit complaints across the USA, visit my place at

Visit to read or post complaints about Narconon. There are over 35 victim complaints posted there and they are a must read to see evidence of much that Mr. Love has written.

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