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Hell Is Another: An Extraordinary Survival Horror Review

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In Hell is Others review we tell you about an Italian game with a survival horror atmosphere, looting game shooter mechanics and rogue replayability.

Every day the protagonist Hell others He wakes up and knows that he will have to find 200ml of blood to water the bonsai. No problem, the lead grows in a vase in the driveway, and if he needs some advice, he can always go back to the talking chasm in his wall.

Confounded? Well, these are just the new video game buildings developed by Italians there In cooperation with Strelka . Games. The Hell is Others recipe starts with a solid foundation of multiplayer survival horror that has added elements of thief shooter, a bit of rogue-lite and a splash of RPG. Mixing several genres is a gamble but this amalgamation works well and has an amazing ability to adapt to each player’s needs.

The dark atmosphere of 1920s America with the feud of a post-apocalyptic world created an experience that confounds you in the best possible way: it makes you want more. In this Hell is the review of others We tell you how this new Italian title could be an unexpected surprise for a 2022 filled with local excellence.

Businessman and whiskey bottle

Diners are also full of dangers in Hell too

Adam Smithson has black pants, a black tie, a white shirt, a pair of suspenders and a pistol, he is not a big talker and above all he should not waste time. One day, like many others, someone leaves a bonsai in front of their door, and above there is a note that says “Water it. I’ll be back in 10 days with a bonus.” This seemingly ordinary event is the first domino that aims to disrupt the lives of Adam and many other people like him. Hell is the others Century CityA devastated city in a world on the verge of extinction. Here, in addition to dollars, the most valuable resource is blood, because with this the plants are watered; Even lead.

Adam is a profit owner, an individual who specializes in retrieving items and resources from the alleys filled with evil creatures in Century City. After the arrival of the bonsai he meets Octave, a merchant who offers him a series of deals. The city, in addition to dangers, is full of opportunities because houses, chests, chests and luxury villas are full of resources that Octave wants to buy with cash. Here begins the Hell is Others adventure, a journey through a daily routine made death and corruptionHe wants to tell the story of a scientist who has left himself poisoned by his own fears.

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The elevator is okay

The elevator bell is one of the most frightening things in Hell than others
The elevator bell is one of the most frightening things in Hell than others

Adam lives in a 1920s building complete with red wallpaper on the walls, has a humble home and a tepid doorman, who, like the elevator operator, is a bunny. This does not seem to bother the protagonist because it is, in fact, among the most plausible in his world. To obtain the blood needed to water a bonsai, Adam must take to the streets of Century City and face its many dangers. In addition to the monstrous creatures that attack upon sight, you will discover that the city is inhabited by other, more evil and bloodthirsty beings: other players. Hell is Others, in fact, is a PvPvE game where, in the same game map, there is not only your own Adam but a series of other businessmen who can’t wait to eliminate you and steal everything you’ve collected.

When Adam boards the elevator, in fact, we see for a moment his true nature: an all-black monster, with a reddish eye, armed and thirsty for blood. In the streets of Century City, you must be careful because everything you come across will try to kill you and in this struggle for survival you are contained. Mystical and corrupt magic of this game. Going down to the city, the house elevator will take you to a random place: you have to survive and collect resources until you hear the old classic crane bell again. By opening the map, you will find the extraction point highlighted in green but be careful, you will not be the only one who wants to leave the city. More lifts will arrive over the generous 10 minutes of each game session, losing them means death, and as when another player kills you, you lose all the resources you have.

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Levels, Coins, Resources and Refrigerators

Leveling up and earning credits unlock many more customizations for your home in Hell as well
Leveling up and earning credits unlock many more customizations for your home in Hell as well

The management system of many of the game indicators of Hell is Others is slowly introduced in the first minutes of the game: it is complex but well explained and in a short time it really starts to become intuitive. In addition to the classic life bar (in red), there is an endurance bar (green) and one for satiety (yellow). In addition, Adam has a number of RPG-style features Which can be affected by consumables: smell, eyesight, vitality, speed of movement and endurance. With a fairly honest reward and punishment system, you can upgrade your ability to sense nearby enemies at the cost of some running speed, or increase damage resistance by sacrificing your sense of smell. At first, the game encourages experimentation, but over time, you can grow consumables that fit your style of exploration and combat by giving them blood.

Hell is others too Levels and credit system, the former indicates your overall progress, while the latter indicates your reputation in Century City. Both are earned by completing extractions in an elevator, and lost to death on the city streets. The credit system is mainly used to influence the merchant’s ratings of the items you bring but pay attention to his requests: depending on the day he may need electronics or stationery. Each item has tags associated with it and it is necessary to check the items of interest to the merchant to determine what is valuable and what is not. Finally, you can store some items in your chest of drawers at home, but some, marked “perishable,” will rot once the night is over. To avoid this, simply buy a refrigerator at the furniture store.

twin stick lutre

The first thing you do in hell is for others to go to the park and collect some new bullets from plants
The first thing you do in hell is for others to go to the park and collect some new bullets from plants

Under all the layers just described, in the foundation of Hell is the other, there Twin stick shooter With the mechanics of the loot. This means that after drifting away from the starting gun, you can start buying more powerful weapons to more easily eliminate your opponents and the evil creatures that inhabit Century City. The most effective way to accumulate the resources needed to purchase better equipment is to complete the work tasks that are assigned to Adam each day. You will need to bring sweets to a drunkard, bullets to a gunsmith, or cockroaches to a bug collector to unlock new weapons, new jobs (such as a bank account that allows you to deposit the collected money without losing it in the event of death) and many other goodies. Speaking to the infernal chasm in your wall, you can also accept missions to increase your inventory space.

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If the combat is a little stressful, the same cannot be said of exploration which, environment after environment, keeps players on a tightrope. All sounds are displayed, so it is better not to run and stoop if you suspect that there are enemies nearby. Prepare yourself for die a lot In the first hours of the match because the difference in level with other players is felt, especially in the beginning. However, once you overcome the initial barrier, Adam will let you live a fun disturbing story filled with seemingly pointless moments but perfectly embodying Century City’s bloody logic: nothing is done for nothing.


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Hell is Others is like a cocktail you’ve never tried: the ingredients are familiar but mixing them generates an entirely new flavour. It’s an acquired taste but, like the best recipes, once mastered they become classics. The interweaving of survival-horror elements with multiplayer shooter mechanics and rogue-lite replayability has resulted in a truly enjoyable adventure with longevity not just for production caliber. The first levels are frustrating because you often die but it is a necessary ordeal to absorb the mechanics of Century City trying to control it.


  • Interesting story and well distributed
  • A wonderful mix of genres and ideas
  • Exploring and managing resources is really satisfying


  • In the first levels you die a lot
  • Understanding the goals and risks is not easy

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