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Reusable containers in supermarkets, the evidence of our readers: “We had to give up,” “It is possible in convenience stores.” The (pseudo) health safety problem

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Some wrote to strings big distribution Regulator and those who tried to ask supermarkets ‘use containers own as long as it is reusable, clean and suitable for food use”, as required by climate decree On December 12, 2019. After posting the video, an investigation Green area Not to apply the decreewithin range from the countryside plastic carts and its call to action ilfattoquotidiano.itsupporters (Find out why support busy on various fronts. But everyone on the other side also wrote to us enumeratethat is, workers in large-scale distribution, and explain what often prevents them from satisfying them consumers Who want to take products home in their own containers. Node appears to be the one for Sewer safetyBut it is a problem that can be solved. In general, in fact, every supermarket uses a advisor Who sets the rules haccpa set of procedures intended to ensure perfect of foods, and adhere to current regulations. “In Italy it has already happened that the rules have changed, which clearly guarantees the hygienic safety of carrying out some experiments,” he explains. Hungarian Josephresponsible for the pollution campaign Green areareferring to the “Spesa Sballata” project in Varese, “thanks to which the families who joined were able to buy with containers Fresh produce on the counter Gastronomy“.

frontline supporters – A virtuous model, but not widespread. They know that very well George And Marisa Who asked to take home deli meats, in their own containers, cut over the counter in supermarkets connecting rodEsselunga Co-op. BennettAnd hypergross. “We should have given up,” he writes, “but fortunately we have a little shop in the village, A.J bettingo, who willingly does so. So, we go there most of the time. We didn’t know there was a law and we can now appeal it.” Francis Fort He tells how he went to Konad on Via de Nomentana monterotondo (Rome): “When asked to be able to use their containers as required by law, the meter operators replied that they had no signal from responsible and ignorance of the provisions of the law.” Meanwhile, Marco Radicione He wrote to Unicoop Tirreno and Coop Centro Italia to request the application of the climate decree, an appeal Silvio Alfonsi It extended to Carrefour, Konad, Esilunga, Eurospin, Lidl and Todo. Silvia Baroudi asked, via social networks, prof Liguria barn To be able to buy gastronomy products by bringing his containers from home. Allowing customers to use their own containers to shop at placement counters organizational problemsincluding the need to manually adjust the tare weight each time Container“Cobb answered Liguria. To which he adds: “We are working on a satisfactory solution.” However, the answer is not convincing for Silvia, who mentions the law of 2019, according to which it must be allowed consumers To be able to use their containers. “Honestly, the process of adjusting the vacuum, – writes Sylvia to Coop, – does not look like that to me ComplexDo it for you too containers“.

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What are those behind the counter thinking? Andrew parisin the province of Padua, I called the customer service offices of the supermarket chain OnWhere he usually goes shopping. “At this moment – was the answer – all in Our stores Containers brought by our customers are not allowed to be used because they cannot be guaranteed Sewer safety from containers coming from abroad. Even a single container can contaminate POS products and equipment: in fact, it is our responsibility to ensure safety From products to our boxes leaving.” Known issue for operators. So much so that a Also written by Luca, who works as an employee at to a butcher In Konad supermarket in the province Bologna. While arguing that too much packaging is being used and the need to look for solutions to reduce its consumption, he stressed that “the current health regulations applied in the departments of transformation Food is very clear and specific. To comply with various directives, we must also record production batches from tubs usedas well as those for raw materials, expiration papers, cleaning, and more.” So, in the absence of specific guidance on “where procedures And final responsibilities, if the customer brings in a container that complies with the regulations – make it clear – as responsible for the sale at that moment, I can’t take responsible to be used, because it can be clean for the eyes, but it can be contaminated with viruses or bacteria, especially with foods that will not be eaten after cooking.” He added, “The problem with the laws is always the same, after their problem Assent Specifications must be issued RequestCinzia is also engaged in large-scale distribution: “We cannot use Our cutlery To take bulk foods and put them in these containers, put it on the food that will then be served to another customer. Unfortunately it is not possible. Let’s instead bring back i cards card, which consumers themselves will insert into their cards containers“.

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sewage problem – Andrea Parisa suggests two solutions: “The launcher should use the container you fetched clientonce we verify that it is visually clean, and once it is exposed to disinfect Using an ultraviolet light, or the supermarket can organize a returnable container, to deliver the food to the customer in one tray which will then be returned by the customer washed, but will still be subject to a new sewage system. This seems to me the most viable solution. Meanwhile, disappointed, Lorenza Zanardi From Parma who asked at the deli counter barn to apply the Climate Ordinance of 2019.” The director replied that their ordinance is more important regulations Regarding cleanliness – said Lorenza – accordingly everything must be traceable, even the card dried ham“. I turned to sigmaThe fish and meat counter complied with his request, while Al complied Gastronomy counter At first they answered yes several times, but then denied her the possibility of using it containersExplaining that it violates the rules of hygiene. No problem, however, in stores, who Survey Vendor in the baker. Lorenza, then, wondered if an internal regulation could be of more value than a national ordinance.

Greenpeace: “The point of sale is the one that must equip itself” – to answer it, Joseph Hungarian. Article 7 of the Climate Decree provides for container sales Reusable It also includes a “precautionary” clause for the operator in order to ensure that the practice takes place safely. containers which he considers unsuitable for health.” “Obviously selling with these modalities should be allowed – he added – to determine appropriate actions (operational, training, haccp) that must be followed at the point of sale”. In Italy, on the other hand, there are cases where this method of sale is carried out successfully and without problem. They range from ‘disturbed shopping in Varese’, which included some major department stores barn And Carrefour From the province, to the “Libera la Spesa” project, recently launched in Trademarks. “It is the point of sale that must be equipped – Ungherese specific – by updating the Haccp guidelines to train employees on the new procedures that must be followed at every single Attitudewhile respecting the applicable regulations that provide the frame of reference.”

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