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A small space for Adly in Milan: the hypothesis of a loan to Sampdoria

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complex period Ionot Radu There seems to be no end. After last season’s big mistake, in the match Bologna Interwho cost the Nerazzurri greatly, this year he was looking for salvation with a shirt Cremona. The first outing coincided with a new misstep: v Florentineafter being the hero of the match with several saves, made a huge stoppage time error that allowed his opponents to score.

in subsequent games Romanian goalkeeper He got up: with broad shoulders and a determination he was the champion of positive performance, demonstrated safety and reliability. However, in the last days of the transfer market, Cremonese secured a loan Karnesky, The goalkeeper was the protagonist of last season’s Serie A triumph. The Italian under-21 goalkeeper was injured when he arrived. His recovery coincided with an elbow injury to Radu. In any case, the hierarchies in the Cremonese house should have changed: in the next part of the season the starting jersey should go to Carnesecchi, and therefore Radu’s loan might be cut.

As I mentioned Nicholas SchirraIn January, the goalkeeper should temporarily return toInter. His agent works with the Nerazzurri to find him new housing.

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