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Collatosti: “Background on Luciano de Crescenzo and the movie “Cos parl Bellavista”

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Massimo Colatosti, the actor who starred with Luciano Di Crescenzo, told some tales about one of the legendary films of the unforgettable Neapolitan author.

Massimo Colatussithe actor, spoke to the microphones of “I Tirapietre”, a radio broadcast conducted by Luca Cirillo, Donato Martucci and Francesco New Year, on the radio frequencies of Amore Campania: The line in the movie “This is how Bellavista spoke” is three thousand pounds? S’avessa mbriacà ‘a Machina? If you buy the book on which the movie is based, that phrase doesn’t exist. I went to Rome with a friend, and Luciano de Crescenzo said to Gibbi Gleggis: “Did Gibb answer: ‘Have you noticed Massimo? As a friend.’”

Then he added: He made me a promise or, if you like, a veiled threat and said, ‘Yes, I call my born voting engineer, and I do nothing for you. Chiammame comme vuò tu.” So I said to him: “Since I have no father, I will call you, father. “When I told the joke: ‘S’avessa’ mbriacà a machina,’ in Luciano I loved it so much, that it only made me repeat it once. It became a true cult, but there are many tales about that adventure that I can unearth.”

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