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“He’s angry with Lulu and hopes for a spark with Sophie.”

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The swimmer is criticized by his friend David.

A few hours ago, he was a close friend of Manuel PortozzoAnd screaming outside the house With a loudspeaker showing all his support for his friend but also Inviting him to stay away from Lulu. Jivino captured in Aldo Montano On the words that I heard:

“I’m sure, he’s angry at Lucrezia’s appearance, but it’s not her fault for me. Because he knew I should take more care of myself.”, has announced Manuel. And Olympic champion Montano listened to the words of the young man, and replied: ‘No matter how many roads and things were destroyed’. “Yes, but the interest began with myself”The swimmer replied.

Finally, Manuel also revealed what his friend David dreamed of: a story withsophie codeguni ex tronista: “I tell you what he dreamed of .. sparks when he read the actors. Cheers now, not because he understood but he was hoping I’d take her home”, Referring to Sufi. in the last , Manuel He often claimed that he finds her very beautiful but considers her just a friend. During the week, the words of the boy’s father were discussed a lot. Franco Portozzo. The latter shared an Ig story in which he made fun of Lulu by supporting Soleil Sorge instead. It seems that the boy’s family and close friends are not in favor of the relationship with the young princess. It’s not actually the first time that Franco He talks about Lucrezia which means she is not encouraged, and on another occasion the young man’s best friend said that the girl was destroying her way in Big brother.

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