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Frosty Christmas in US and Canada: 2,000 flights canceled due to Arctic Storm Elliott

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A powerful one Arctic Storm makes its way through America and regions Canada carries with him Freezing temperature and cause Delays and cancellations Flights and trains at busy times of the year due to upcoming holidays. When greater than 100 million people In America, governors Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia And Oklahoma They declared state of emergency. Other states like MarylandEmergency response measures were implemented in anticipation of the storm’s arrival Colorado, the Denver Coliseum, an indoor arena, has been converted into a warm-up center. A few hours ago the President of the United States Joe Biden He said his administration has reached out to the governors of 26 states affected by the freezing weather and the central government is ready to provide assistance if needed. There was also Biden’s call to citizens Avoid traveling Especially when the weather forecast predicts worsening weather conditions over the next few days. «Please take this storm very seriously» The President prayed. Meanwhile, meteorologists say EliotThis is the name of the Arctic wave that can keep Americans alive A cold Christmas In past decades: “It’s possible in some parts of the country by the end of this week Cool temperature -50 degrees,” the National Weather Service says. The danger announced by experts is that by Friday, Dec. 23, this winter storm will be “called”Bomb cyclone“, is an unscientific term used within a specific type of extremely powerful storm and Rapid reinforcement. There are also fears for the Great Lakes region, where storm pressure is expected to reach similar levels. A category 3 hurricane.

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More than 2,200 flights have been cancelled. 102 million people are afraid of cars

As for the inconveniences recorded so far, the storm has brought frequent snowfall and strong winds, causing damage and power outages. Midwest and in Canada. Major airports are in total chaos as they have already canceled several flights in anticipation of bad weather. there Transportation Safety Administration He expects travel levels to remain close to pre-pandemic levels during the holiday season. But according to observation FlightAware America has the most canceled flights ever 2,200. Anticipating further travel disruptions, including major airlines United, Delta and American Airlines They have offered to waive the fare for passengers who want to change their flights. Also fear road trips where ice and snow can create many hazards. Border roads between Colorado and Wyoming Closed on Wednesday 21st December due to Almost no vision. while in South Dakotathan 100 cars blocked, calling for rescue operations. The American Automobile Association rates higher 112 million people will travel 50 miles From December 23rd to January 2nd people (80 km) or more from home, most of them, about 102 million people, will get around by car. “We had a great Thanksgiving week with minimal disruption,” US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told the channel. MSNBC“Unfortunately it won’t be like this before Christmas”.

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