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Roberto Mancini thinks again: an exciting development | He retraced his steps

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A false start for Roberto Mancini on the Saudi bench – Photography by Ansa –

The former Italian coach’s adventure on the bench in Saudi Arabia did not start well: nostalgia and memories are returning to the surface.

If the Blues cry, the Greens don’t laugh. We can easily talk about a metaphor. the new Italy to Luciano Spalletti He took his first steps without convincing, both in terms of the result and in terms of the match, at least as we saw in the second half of the match against rival North Macedonia. But for the Italian champion’s coach’s predecessor with Napoli, Roberto ManciniA new business adventure started out worse.

Twenty-four hours before Spalletti made his debut in Skopje, the European champions’ coach played his first match as a manager.Kingdom of Saudi Arabiathe national team that Mancini will have to lead during the next three years with the aim of going as far as possible in the league. Asia Cup It is scheduled to take place in Qatar during the period from January 12 to February 10, and then qualify for the finals World Cup 2026 In Canada, Mexico and the United States. Well, the first match, in Newcastle, did not go well, because Douassari and his teammates surrendered 3-1 in a friendly match against them. Costa Rica.

While reaching the next World Cup finals, the first in history with the participation of 48 teams, may not be an achievement, becoming the second Italian coach to win the Asian Cup after Alberto ZaccheroniThe 2011 continental champion at the helm of Japan risks proving to be a very difficult task even for a winning coach like Mancini, who knows very well how to get to the bottom and come out on top in a tournament for the national team despite not being the best. favorite.

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In fact, in the Test at St James’ Park, Saudi Arabia looked a long way from the standards of their debut Qatar 2022when this successArgentina The future world champion was thrust into the spotlight on Saudi football for the first time 28 years after the achievements of USA 94, the first World Cup played by the Saudis, and just a few months before the market was talking about impressive signings for Saudi clubs. Saudi Professional Leaguethe true stars of the summer of 2023, in what appears to be just the beginning of a long chase towards the best European tournaments.

Mancini: The Asian Cup mission with Saudi Arabia: but Italy remains in his heart..

And facing Costa Rica, one of the most disappointing national teams at the last World Cup, Saudi Arabia are still a long way from learning Mancini’s playing concepts, which are very different from those of his predecessor. Herve RenardWho resigned suddenly at the end of the World Cup, which ended bitterly for the Arab team at the end of the group stage due to defeats against Poland and Mexico. Of course, if Spalletti needs time with mediocre players who are certainly superior to the Arab players, Mancini also needs some matches to get in tune with the team and the environment.

The coach coming from Jesi will have the advantage of not having to face the qualification process alongside him, as the Arab national team has already booked a ticket to travel to Qatar in June 2021, as the next edition of the Asian Cup was originally scheduled to be held last summer in China, and then had to give up hosting. The event will be postponed as early as October 2022 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic Corona Virus. Hence, another “excuse” to be given to Mancini. It cannot be denied that the past few weeks have been turbulent for the former Inter and Manchester City manager, amid various media and moral criticisms of his sudden departure. Italian bench. But where does Roberto look? You have left the heart As can be seen from the social details that are not at all marginal…

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Roberto Mancini with the President of the Saudi Football Federation, Yasser Al-Mashal – Photography by Ansa –

North Macedonia-Italy, the secret of the likes of Mancini

In fact, a few hours before Spalletti made his debut for the national team, quite a few netizens noticed an error Likes Mancini “condemned” for the position published in the official file Instagram Italy with the first official team chosen by the former Napoli coach, which is the team that will face North Macedonia. The phrase “Mrmacini likes 10”, complete with a photo of the coach, made many believe that despite the sudden resignation and not-so-pleasant farewell with the federal leaders, Mancini had not forgotten the five years of joys and sorrows he spent as leader of Italy. And even more so on the eve of a match against an opponent that can only bring up painful memories.

However, the like was removed soon after, but some of the most experienced social media enthusiasts did not miss the opportunity to immortalize the thing through the most classic screenshots, in order to have the “proven proof” able to convince even the most skeptical. After all, if, as a footballer, Mancini did not have a good feel for the blue shirt, then as a coach things would have turned out very differently, thanks not only to his Euro 2020 run, but the tip of the icy iceberg of quality made of courage, a winning mentality and proactivity. Play, a combination that these people attest to 37 consecutive useful results Which still makes the Italy left-hander the national team with the longest positive streak ever. Also, thanks to the defeat that Argentina suffered in its first appearance in Qatar against Saudi Arabia, stopping at 36…

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