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Press Release: The RINJ Foundation Martial Law Update from the Philippines

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Abu Sayyaf, A very Small Home-Grown Philippines Group, April 2016

abu sayyaf on Philippines Media Release (05/27/2017) Toronto, ON - The RINJ Foundation, a global women's group with women's health clinics in many areas of armed conflict around the world says that the clash of Islamists with the Authoritarian Duterte government in the Philippines is a "tempest in a tea pot".

In a statement on its website the group shares information and intelligence about the Islamic State gained from its experiences in the Middle East.

The group says that there is no invasion by ISIS and that ISIS does not have the resources to support any home-grown Jihadist groups in the Philippines.

The President of the Philippines, under heavy criticism from around the world for his extra-judicial killings of many thousands of innocent Filipinos, has declared Martial Law on the basis of what it says is a national invasion by the Islamic State. The RINJ Foundation in the Philippines says that is categorically untrue.

The women's group slams the Philippines government of President Rodrigo Duterte for declaring Martial Law and inviting soldiers to rape up to three women each with impunity.

The RINJ group offers the following conclusions:

  1. Duterte feels threatened by the possible ouster he may get for his murder of ten thousand innocent civilians.
  2. Duterte needed to seize absolute power through Martial Law to increase his staying power and that of his henchmen as did his hero, dictator Ferdinand Marcos who was ousted in 1986.
  3. New laws in the Philippines imply that the President can only institute Martial Law if the country faces rebellion or invasion. Duterte had to create one.
  4. US President Donald Trump who supports the Duterte Murders implored Duterte to arrest Abu Sayyaf subleader Isnilon Hapilon upon whom America has a $5 million bounty as a top, wanted terrorist criminal.
  5. Duterte saw the excuse for declaring Martial Law, something he has been intrigued with for the past 13 months. Even though he was told that all matters concerning the Abu Sayaff and Maute lunatics were under control on May 23, Duterte ordered the military to seize power under Martial law to an enormous section, more than 25%, of the Philippines. He says he will soon place the rest of the country under Martial Law.
  6. The handful of rag-tag Islamist extremists have been invaded and their cause has been given a multi-billion dollar promotion boost. They are stunned but pleased at the attention.
  7. The Islamic State Cabinet has instructed its team to exploit this publicity in every manner possible.
  8. At least 25 million Philippines civilians will pay the price in the loss of their human rights.
  9. The Philippines has now become a very bad place to be a Muslim.
  10. Between 'lunatics' Trump and Duterte, the end of the world as we know it is imminent.


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