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“Massa is a holiday destination” Tyrrhenian Sea

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Mass. “Sorry for the delay, but there was a boat preventing me from passing.” These are the first words that have received great acclaim leonardo Peraccione, He arrived at the Splendor Multiplex cinema in Massa, with a slight delay due to the extraordinary transfer of a large boat via Dorsale.

“After all,” he continued, “since I learned that Madonna makes her fans wait up to two hours, I felt like an idiot for arriving on time.” And so three whole rooms welcomed the arrival of the Florentine actor, for a screening of “It Looks Like a Lot of Paris,” an entertaining film, but capable of making repeated forays into sensibility, with more than a touch of poignancy.

But in Pierccione's performance in front of the Massa audience, there was mostly improvisational comedy: “Massimo Ceccherini was also supposed to accompany me in Massa – he explained – but on Friday evenings he teaches catechism and he could not come,” to everyone's laughter. . Many attendees. The attendee with whom Pieraccione spoke, also took several “selfies”, answering a series of questions posed to him by the local audience. One of them asked why he decided to make this film: “Because I had bills to pay,” answered the actor, who noticed the special warmth of the people of Massa, so much so that he jokingly assumed the existence of a new film titled “It seems very Massa.”

In Splendor, the actor wanted to remind us that his film also includes an Oscar nominee. Massimo Ceccherini is actually co-author of the film “Io Capitano” which is in contention for the most expensive award in cinema.

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He then points out his fellow travelers in the film, such as Chiara Francini (“He made me lose my hearing, he talks all the time!”), Giulia Bevilacqua (“I love Giulia so much”) and Nino Frasica (“He's great.”

Referring to our regions, Pieraccione also recalled the dates of his first appearances in the 1980s, in cabaret shows or on unexpected evenings, even in Marina di Massa.

“Massa is the place to go for holidays, it has the flavor of Versilia and my daughter could also choose to come on holiday to these parts next summer. “In fact, leave me some phone numbers, so when you're 'out' with your friends we can go get pizza.”

After bidding farewell to the audience in the three halls where his film was shown, he then headed home, leaving the viewers to enjoy a story capable of drawing many smiles and a few dimples in the throat. The fresh narrative ink that the Tuscan artist uses is not only light-hearted, but also able to provoke profound reflections on contentious family dynamics.

Also present in the room were the actor's friend Teresa Magni (who also plays a role in the film) and some volunteers from Cure2Children (www.cure2children.it), a charity that Pieraccione has supported for more than a dozen years.

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