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PT is first in the US, Canada and Central America, but polls are widespread – La Voce de New York

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Giorgia Meloni clearly won an election with the center-right coalition (Fratelli d’Italia-Lega-Forza Italia), however, the first party to win outright did not have a flame in its symbol, but a party that freezes democracy. Composition Italian: The party of abstentions is about 36% of Italians.

Meloni is preparing to make history as the first female head of the Italian government, and last night, in celebrating the victory, but aware of the serious problem of alienated Italians, she used the right tones: “If you want to enter history you must understand the responsibilities. To rule for all Italians”. At a very difficult moment on the international front too, these are wise words and we hope they will be followed by facts.

Here we want to analyze the poll abroad, which is once again interesting and worrying in its overall statistical result. This trend is reversed compared to Italy. With the PD defeating the centre-right coalition abroad, Confirms first choice in both the House and Senate for those living outside the borders of the motherland. But not voting abroad turns out to be more traumatic than within Italy’s borders. Abroad 73% of those eligible did not vote. In the Central-North America segment, it got even worse: only the absconders 79% .

Francesca La Marca

In our Central-North America segment: Francesca La Marca, the PD’s former deputy for two assemblies, won the most coveted seat in the Senate. A Canadian-born university professor of literature of Sicilian parentage triumphed over a feared opponent: Vincenzo Arcobelli of the Fratelli d’Italia. A former military pilot and trainer living in Texas for many years, Mirko Tremaglia, a far-right activist from the days of organizing tricolor groups around the world, actually collected many votes (8,257 votes in 189 out of 190 segments) but not enough than that obtained by the new senator La Marca, who won Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the rest of Central America. Over a thousand: 9,882.

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In this clear victory of the PD’s Senate candidate (his “companion” of the list, it should be noted that the doctor of Philadelphia Pasquale Nesticò, however, achieved an honorable position. Result 4352 preferences) that La Marca This time he spread his votes more widely across the constituencies of the Infinite Constituency. Indeed, the new senator got it 4137 votes in his CanadaBut good 5,063 in the United States (Adding 600 obtained in Mexico and Central America). Apparently, the race for the Senate, rather than the House, forced all candidates to run in the entire division. This time La Marca, which in the past relied solely on a large Canadian vote, on the other hand, passed the test by defeating the feared opponent of Fratelli d’Italia, who received less than half the votes in Canada. Votes collected in the United States.

The two Ballium seats in the chamber went respectively, one to the PD with Cristian di Sanzo and the other to the candidate of the Brothers of Italy, Andrea di Guiseppe (allied with the FI-Lega). The one with the most votes

Christian de Sancho

Finish the race in PD in practice photo, He beat Vera Rosati with 5,806 votes for a total of 5,746 votes with Cristian de Sanzo., Michaela Di Marco was right behind with 4,949 votes, followed by “New Yorker” Gianluca Galetto with 2,236 preferences. If this count is confirmed, there is a difference of some ten thousand votes, and a recount is not necessary, reports De Sanzo, an engineer-manager who lives in Texas and has had past in Boston and California. “Luck” because the two PD candidates, Rosatti and Di Marco, By dividing the vast reservoir of Canadian votes The race for a seat in the chamber for the center-left has cost Canada since the start of the vote for Italians abroad.

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Andrea Di Giuseppe

The race is numerically easy Andrea di Giuseppe of the Brothers of Italy received 6820 votes, and snatched the seat from deputy Fuchsia Nizzoli nominated by Forza Italia on the same list to stop in 4267. Federico Felli is third in the league with 2958, while Antonio Zarra has 1541 stops. Di Giuseppe is a former Romanian designer living in Florida. The head of the Com.It.Es defeated Nizzoli, openly supported by Silvio Berlusconi, who had already won twice in the Chamber, the first time moving to Forza Italia with great surprise even in the “little” Monti list. But this time Nisoli failed to gather enough votes in Canada (1270 alone, surpassed even there by De Giuseppe, who collected 1662.) was almost “doubled” in America by the brothers’ candidate in Italy It received 4541 votes in the US, with Nisoli stopping at 2530.

Other results MAIE (Italian Abroad Associative Movement) in North-Central America It is third party But it hasn’t broken through like it did in South America, while the M5S here, with 7.9%, takes half the percentage of votes it could in Italy. Calenda and Renzi’s Action-Italia Viva instead received the same Italian percentage of 7.6%.

Beneficiaries in this category: 411,997. 86,904 (21.09%) to vote (data for room). Here is another worrying data: Null votes: 11,789; Blank votes: 1.152. Contested Votes: 112.

The Italian Republic will soon have a new leadership, and two of the 3 representatives elected from North Central America will sit on the opposition bench. Bad for them? These days, as Georgia Meloni has shown, when Salvini and Berlusconi took part in Draghi’s government, the only person who knows how to be in opposition with his party can trigger the next elections without any responsibility, even an unexpected political rebirth.

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