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Double the amount will come to these people

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The Rai license fee goes back to the bill starting with those for the first months of the year. There is a case where it is collected more than once


Starting in the first months of 2022, Rai license fees are back. It will be the last year the electricity bill will be paid after that, from 2023, there will be a change in payment methods. The first payments will be made to Invoices From the light that indicates the first months of the year. The license fee is a tax that must be paid to own the TV. However, you only pay once for the household even if you have multiple TVs.

Rai fee, what to do in case of double fee

Double Rai . license fee

The tax is not related to the number of TVs, it is enough to have a device that is obligated by the tax authorities. However, there is a case where members of the same family find themselves charged with a fee. This is the case for those who own two properties and two users electrical It is recorded in the name of two different members of the family unit, such as husband and wife. And the rule in this case does not change, meaning that the rent should be paid only once per family, regardless of the number of TVs and real estate owned.

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Therefore, if the case of double repayment occurs in the family, it is a Error which must be corrected. It is necessary to fill in Compensatory ad Which is located on the portal dedicated to the law of opinion. Specifically, the plate b From the return indicating the tax code to be collected.

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Further, in the “Start Date” field, the date from which the affiliation to the same personal family of the owner of the electricity user begins, as a result of the date declared inregistration office municipal reference; If it occurs on a date preceding January 1 of the year of presentation, it is possible to refer to January 1 of the year of offer.

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