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Having trouble hearing calls on iPhone? There are some tricks to solve it

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Before you contact Apple Support, here’s what to do if you encounter audio issues on your iPhone during calls

Sometimes you can have audio problems Iphone during calls. Without having to think catastrophically about hardware malfunctions, you should know that there are some factors that can make purely smartphone use less comfortable, such as poor signal reception, but also some flaws that can be circumvented by exploiting some settings iOS.

iPhone call sound issues (AdobeStock)

Before looking for any hardware issues, we therefore suggest that you take a “tour” of your settings Iphone Follow these simple steps which in some cases may solve the problem.

First, check that you have set a file Maximum Voice calls. During the conversation with your interlocutor, repeatedly press the volume key + on the left side of the iPhone.

As we wrote at the beginning, any telephone disturbances can be affected by one bad signal reception. If the overall signal pitch is sufficient to receive and make calls, the conversation sound may be turbulent.

Then check the signal icon on the top right of your iPhone screen and make sure you have good coverage. If not, move a few meters to try to get a proper signal, or Turn Airplane mode on and off: In this way, the smartphone will search for a new repeater.

Sometimes, even a Restart iPhone It is enough to solve the problem. If during the conversation you notice that the sound is not of good quality despite the presence of maximum coverage in the area, try restarting the smartphone by pressing the power button on the right side of the device, in the case of an iPhone with Touch ID, or the right button and volume + button in Newer models.

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iPhone call sound issues: Reset network settings

iPhone calling sound problems
iPhone 12 (AdobeStock)

Can’t solve the problem? Then try a Reset network settings. Enter the iOS Settings app, tap on the General item, tap on the Reset item and strictly tap on Reset Network Settings.

We also suggest disabling ‘Cancel phone noiseIn the Accessibility section of iOS. Then enter the Settings app again, tap General and tap Accessibility, then deactivate the corresponding function.

In case of failed attempts, you just have to do it iPhone reset In factory condition: Back up your data first, so as not to lose important information. This is the last attempt to be made before sending the smartphone in for assistance and looking for any hardware defects.

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