December 6, 2023

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Batman, is there any chance of delaying the movie again? Warner Answers

With the spread of variable Omicron and after the latest Morbius postponedFans are worried about the fate of another movie. BatmanWho are afraid to postpone it again.

2020 and COVID taught us to wonder about any release date until the movies actually hit the screen, but There seems to be no pessimism in Warner about his next ’90s trackBatman.

We are definitely monitoring the situation and paying close attention to everything that happens with Omicron VariantWarnerMedia CEO Jason Keeler responded when asked if The Batman movie could be delayed again due to the current health situation.Ma We are positive about the date we have chosen now. However, we will check the situation day by day“.

So it looks like no calendar changes are planned at the moment The role of Batman is played by Robert PattinsonFans who are eagerly waiting to see what this new version of DC hero will look like.

Meanwhile, new people arrive Picture of Dal set in The Batman Which expects a very dark movie, just as the first reactions after movie previews praised.

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