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Trick Petrol, so you fill up the tank for free: It’s illegal but a lot of people do

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Today, making gasoline has become a real problem since the cost of the fuel has – in practice – reached “a skyrocketing height”. But in addition to trying to use the machine as little as possible, in order to save money, there is a trick, absolutely illegal, to fill the tank. Which? We tell you…

To try to save people, they always come up with new people, and now we tell you what the man was made for Try to be cunning


The price of gas has doubled at the moment, the price of electricity has doubled, and not for nothing the bills have risen dramatically. Let’s face it: people are too He tries to save as much as he can by giving up many small things.

To make matters worse, Gasoline price has recently risen again Up to about €2 with production fees and increments that constantly come and go causing everyone to have a meltdown.

So today there are many Italians who now loveI give up using their own car Favoring public transportation and thus sacrificing their independence. Then, if the trips are not long, they go on foot or by bike.

In short, it cannot be denied that the situation for all Italians has become – to say the least – unsustainable, and therefore more and more deceivers are trying – by carrying out the various tricks they have devised – in order to try to save, Illegally.

However, it must also be said that long before the price hike, this situation had deteriorated and even considerably! Think a few years ago Soldier from Rimini He foiled a real scam, after many Suspicious behavior of a man who stopped at a gas station.

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At the age of fifty he managed to get 300 liters of gasoline for a total of 500 euros, Executing a scam – which he devised himself – is very special in every respect. The man filled all this gasoline very carefully and with a triumphant look, without even paying a penny, by jumping on the gas pump tube. In practice, he did this by exploiting the pressure of the jump on the tube, trying to squeeze out the pump Residual drips from previous refueling From other customers who have paid regularly.

Of course to be then beautiful booty Visited several gas stations! And that always suited him for a 5-year-old beauty until the army found his way…


The first time dates back to 2009. Then he was framed and investigated, and investigations continued for years. A gas station worker who was defrauded couldn’t help but file a complaint against the man, who – finally – after a long time was Accused of aggravated theft. The station owner confirmed it Navigation is already working, so much so that about 300 liters of fuel disappeared during refueling. And – by the way – maybe not only The man accused of discovering this technologyBecause, frankly, a lot of people do it. But now the sly, having stole a Joe Joe Gasoline, you will find a He bombed much more than the amount of fuel he stole

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