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Yellowstone: Science has found something strange

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Scientists have found something strange: a leaked cut from Material Liquid and rich carbon. It is hidden hundreds of kilometers under ExcellentYellowstone volcano and a large area of ​​western America. Its area is 1.8 million square kilometers. It is a kind of rock with a lot of carbon in it. It is about 325 times greater than the annual oil consumption of the United States.

Under the western United States is huge Underground tank partly melted from liquid carbonate. It is one result tectonic plates of the Pacific Ocean is forced under the western United States, which is subject to partial melting thanks to gases such as carbon dioxide and H2O present in the minerals dissolved in it.

Sach Herr Majumder is a Lecturer in Geophysics at Royal Holloway

When one tectonic plate is pushed under another, there is very strong stratification within the space above the descending plate as it drains. This leads to production big quantities to magma Thick and fizzy related to Most explosive volcanoes.

When magma containing a lot of carbon reaches the eruption, it is produced Carbon lava Black and white is incredibly fluid and very cool. Many of the volcanoes in East Africa have this volcanic activity that creates really strange landscapes. So he can surprise the planet more and more in the future for him Strange volcanic shapes.

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