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Press Release: RINJ Nurses' Video Challenges ISIS Video "Beckoning Women to HELL"

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Nurses' Video From Inside The Islamic State says to women, "NO! Don't Go." Press Release (08/19/2016) - "The Islamic State is nothing more than a power hungry gang of men who believe in nothing but money. They are now beckoning women to hell. Don't come here, sister. ISIS exploits women and children. The video made by a kidnapped sister is fake. ISIS is HELL for women!"

Speaking From Inside The Islamic State

The RINJ Foundation Nurses Without Borders working in the Nineveh Governorate of the Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI) have challenged in their own video the self-ordained Islamic Caliphate's recent appeal by a female person in a video urging other women to come to Syria and Iraq to join a "religious crusade". According to the foundation's women in Mosul, and the video re-released this week, there is no religious crusade but a patriarchy blatantly chasing money and power.

"They need more suicide bombers to commit suicide and murder others," said Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundation in Iraq. "If you want a better life, JOIN US", she added.

The women in Mosul, Iraq have repeatedly warned others not to come near the self-proclaimed "Caliphate".

Join us in challenging evil men who enslave women.

Their Video is here.

Thousands of Yazidi women from Northern Iraq have suffered torture, rape and other sexual abuse from Daeish rapists.

Life inside the Islamic State is living hell.

Terrified women captured and still held in prison by these Islamic State rapists are strangling each other and killing themselves to escape rape and torture as sex slaves.

Some survivors have told how women killed each other by strangulation in a bid to avoid being raped and mutilated. Some young girls in their teens are among the victims after being captured by Islamic State as the group went on an ethnic cleansing rampage. - The RINJ Foundation

The children of Mosul are becoming 'monsters'. So many small children seem to have lost their conscience following seventeen months of exposure to bloody brutality inflicted on their friends and family, right before their eyes. They have witnessed shootings, beheading, stoning, crucifixions, floggings, knifing, and hand amputations. Some have even been taught to kill with live training against persons the ISIS have sentenced to death. Many have been sent to Al-Raqqah in Syria for advanced militia training.

Here is a kid learning how to chop off heads with a big knife. They practice first on toys and then cut off at least one human head as prt of their training in Raqqah, Syria. Is this something any woman could agree to for their child? You wouldn't if you ever had a child in your womb!
Kid being taught to chop heads.

Instead of joining Daesh, help the world get rid of this crime infestation. Join the revolution of women to take control of their own lives and their own bodies. Watch this video. And now watch this video to learn what real women want in their lives.

If you want a better life, JOIN US.

Don't join ISIS.



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