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Football League Two, Modena Perugia: Live Match

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The game ends. Perugia continues to improve but it’s not over 1-1 in Modena which moves the rankings a bit anyway (the rescue zone remains at -6). The most regrettable are the Reds and Whites who got ahead with De Carmen and then suffered the same in the last action of the first half. Now the interval, resumes on November 27 against Genoa. Thank you all for watching the live broadcast and the next meeting.

Give 3′ of recovery

85 & # 39; Curado, a victim of muscle problems, must make way for Angela

81 ‘Girley’s shot from distance cleared a corner kick

80′ in Modena there is a Mosti instead of Tremolada

79′ Citadines booked due to a foul on Melchiori

72′ in Grifo enters Paz instead of Beghetto

64′ in Modena enter Marsura for Azzi and Ponsi for Falcinelli; Castori changes attack with Melchiorri r Olivieri instead of Di Carmine and Strizzolo

58′ Rosie booked for foul on Diao

54′ In Modena there is an Armellino instead of Poli

51 & # 39; Kwan wins a duel with Azzi and finishes from the backline and rejects Ganyu

46 ‘Still a call from Strizzolo for Di Carmine whose conclusion Cobolaro responded to

We’re leaving with Rosie instead of Strona

The first half ends with this work. Perugia, who have played the match well so far, goes into the break with a 1-1 draw against Modena which never worried Juri. A little earlier, Kuan had almost doubled. Too bad, but we have to start over. See you later for a 45-second recording.

45′ What a joke! Modena, who did not actually make herself dangerous, equalizes: Diao goes away to Corrado and serves in the center of the Tremolada who makes no mistakes. 1-1

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39 & # 39; Red and white is one step away from doubling down: D’Carmine releases Kwan to a breathtaking firefight

37 ‘Perugia takes the lead: heads up the Strizolo area with a defense that misses the offside timing

32′ cross from Beghetto, Strizzolo separates and the ball goes out a bit

29′ Santoro recovers the ball and launches de Carmen who has a diameter of about one meter

26′ Polly right from the edge, the ball rising above the crossbar

19 & # 39; Quan tries an unexpected overhead kick, a ball away from the poles

11 ‘Free kick from the edge of a tremolada hits Gauri on the floor

5 ‘De Carmine from the right sends out Kwan who beats without fail, a defender stands in his way and cautiously closes

I left a little late to fix a hole in the net

Modena (4-3-1-2): Gagno; Cobolaro, Citadine, Bergrevi, Azzi; Polly, Magnino, Jarley; Tremolada. Valcinelli, Diao. Available Seculin, Ponsi, Duca, Mosti, Bonfanti, Silvestri, Marsura, Giovannini, Armellino, De Maio, Renzetti and Oukhadda. flocks facilitate

Perugia (3-5-2): Gauri; Sgarbi, Corrado, Strona; Casasola, Cowan, Bartolome, Santoro, Bigetto; Strizzolo, by Carmine. Available: Abebe, Angela, Rosie, Volekic, Lizzy, Paz, Iannone, Volek, Melchiori, Oliveri, Di Serio. herds of beavers

official profiles – Tile for Beavers A few minutes into the match: Cristian del Orco has ignited an old ankle problem and will not be able to participate in the race. In his place is the last arrival of Aliaz Struna, who will play in the three defenses with Sababy and Corrado. In midfield, Casasola regularly occupies the right lane while Beghetto is on the left; Between Cowan, Bartolome and Santoro. In front of De Carmen is preferred over Melchiori as attacking partner. Taysir picks the four defenders and gives confidence to Falcinelli and Diao with Tremolada behind them.

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Griffo if you’re there, knock on a beat. The challenge in Modena is actually a last call: the yellow-and-blue team counts six points more than red and white, and therefore will not be able to slow down and will have to try to score with all it has. Energy. Failing to win may sound like a sentence and it will take the decision, determination, and competitive badness rarely seen in this tournament. The canaries for their part will not be able to tolerate mistakes: even for them, the year did not start well thanks to the hard influence of the class and they will not be used to cuts. There will be no guest in the ranks Gregorio Lubriniwho has not recovered from back problems (other than Jacobo Forlan And the Rider Matoslong-term injuries), while Emilion suffer from it regularly Diego Valcinelli Who for 90′ will have to lay a stone on his past. Hence those who stop seriously risk losing and no good match is expected: we Perugia today We will follow it live starting at 2 pm.

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