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Avatar sold out, you take terrifying risks not to miss it | They empty your account

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It is the cinematic state of the year, released December 14, the sequel still signed by James Cameron drives many Italians seriously mad, just to see it.

Thirteen years after the incident that changed animated cinema forever, breaking new ground for the incorporation of 3D technology and poetry, Avatar returns to strike the hearts and imaginations of viewers around the world.

Avatar Stream: Beware of Scam Sites |

In Italy, unfortunately, it risks hitting it hard wallet too. Be careful if you’re thinking of making a seemingly innocent brag, but this could cost you dearly.

There is no longer a ticket

Not to Pay for Gold: Released on December 14, with a thoughtful coincidence with the Christmas holidays, Avatar instantly “split” the box office, marking a real blip. Pre-sale abuse. 14 after launch, hopes of finding a ticket to one of the many Italian cinemas showing it were reduced to a flicker. Luck is not enough, it is necessary to obey a real black market, which is already illegal in itself.

The movie, again directed by james cameron, As rarely happens in sequels, this time they are shot from life. Then the story becomes even more exciting: the animation becomes reality: Jake Sully and Neytiri, They meet again, after a long time, and this time they are a family with children, marriage problems, small joys, and big problems. A nucleus in which viewers can reflect themselves, as well as dream, is likely to arise from this incredible success with the audience, which echoes the enthusiastic critic.

The trick that can cost dearly

While finding a ticket in the hall has become a mirage, and for the official broadcast it is still necessary to wait months (yes Talking about February or even March) A typical Italian epidemic began to characterize: “parallel” or illegal broadcasting sites.

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Fake avatar stream
Beware of Scam Streaming Sites |

There could be many ways to get an “escape” movie out of theaters. From the “mole” found in the distributor, to the filming done in theaters during the early days of programming. There were always, and unfortunately always, secret copies circulating for sale and even for “official” movie broadcasts.

But even a few years ago, before the internet was widespread, copy risked pirate Seeing a few bad copies was of poor quality, plus risking seizures and a hefty fine, with illegal broadcasting The risks are catastrophic.

You can lose everything

Scam sites pay you the same amount as legal sites, but once they have your credit card information, scammers are unlikely to be content to earn the airtime price. Once you have your card details It may charge you for goods and services To the ceiling limits on your card and, in the most unfortunate case, to emptying your checking account down to the last cent.

Illegal broadcasting is not only against the law, and not only risks fines and penalties for you. It could cost you all of your savings. And in most cases, without even showing you the movie you purchased. Don’t fall for it like a chicken. Better to wait a few days from losing their money, and enriching fraudsters with offices in tax havens.

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