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A short film about the true story in cinema

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After showing at the Rome Film Festival in the “Best of” section, it will arrive from December 1 to Italian cinemas with Wanted Cinema. Or against GW Busha vivid story, a controversial legal case that outraged the world (on the 20th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo, in 2002), and became the stuff of engaging action comedy, a compelling legal thriller, but also a human tale capable of eliciting laughter, tears, indignation, and great empathy.

Mother vs. GW Bush – Plot and Cast

The official plot: The film tells the story of Rabih (Meltem Kaptan), a friendly Turkish-German housewife who lives with her family in a terraced house in Bremen. After the 9/11 attacks, when her 19-year-old son Murat (Abdullah Emre Ozturk) is accused of terrorism – without any evidence – and held in Cuba’s notorious Guantanamo Bay prison, Rabih turns to a brave mother, increasingly embroiled in a legal battle. International fierce to defend the human rights of her innocent friend. With the help of an idealistic lawyer – played by the famous German actor Alexander Scheer – and her witty simplicity as a proletarian mother, the woman goes so far as to confront US President Bush in the Washington Supreme Court. Determined to make every effort to defend the human rights of her son, in her humanitarian spirit, she gathered around her a wide movement of opinions.

The film’s cast also includes Charlie Hübner, Nazmi Kerik, Sevda Polat, Savak Senegul, Janet Spasova, Abak Safay Rad, Aleksandr Hurby, Mert Dincer, Devrim Deniz Aslan.

Mother vs. GW Bush – Trailer and Video

Trivia about the movie

  • The film that charmed the recent edition of the Berlin Film Festival, as it was the only one this year to win two major awards. The film won two Silver Bears for its screenplay and the Best Actress award for newcomer Meltem Kaptan. The film also received an EFA nomination for Best Actress for Meltem Kaptan and two German Film Awards 2022 awarded to the two leads of the film.
  • Even rock star Patti Smith famously told the story of Murat Kurnaz in the poignant 2006 song “Without Chains,” a song that remains among the most powerful folk stories of injustice and abuse of power. Amnesty International supports this film, which reminds us of the “destruction of human rights committed in the last 20 years at Guantanamo, and which we must continue to talk about until the notorious detention center is closed.”
  • German director Andreas Dressen (Love Disasters, 7th Heaven) is directing “A Mother Against GW Bush,” from a screenplay by Leila Stieler (7th Heaven).
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Mother vs. GW Bush – Soundtrack

  • The original music for the film was composed by the composer Johannes Ribka (Krejeren, Schmittke, Cleo) and Genk Erdogan.

Tracking Lists:

1. Bremen (0:57)
2- Spring in Istanbul (2:02)
3. Driving Test (1:56)
4. Press Conference (0:42)
5- The Supreme Court (3:39)
6. Broken Dreams – Altug Onko (2:03)
7. Is this fight worth it? (1:11)
8. Incirlik Air Base (0:41)
9. Your Eyes Shine Bright (featuring Olaf Taranczewski) (4:59)
10. Fallen Leaves – Altug Oncu (2:14)
11. A Letter to the Counselor (0:46)
12. Waiting (with Lisa Mühlig) (2:55)
13. Muma – Haximum and Cenk Erdogan (7:40)

The soundtrack for “Mother Against GW Bush” is available at www.motheragainstg.w.bush Amazon.

Mother vs. GW Bush – Photos and Posters

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