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Latest on Corona Crisis – Taskforce boss expects baby vaccine to be approved soon – News

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    Despite overstaffing: Police forces are under attack due to Korana

    There have been regular protests against corona operations in Switzerland – and in Bern in recent weeks. The Bern police were always with a large group. This affects the workload of police officers. “With such a large number, people have fewer days off, which means they have to take action for colleagues,” explains Adrian Vodrich, president of the Bern Canton Police Union.

    The result is a lot of extra time. And Bern is not an isolated case. Police feel the pressure in other large regions such as Arkaw or Zurich. This also applies to the Lucerne region.


    The epidemic creates extra work for the police

    01:57 min, Ass This morning Since 10/10/2021.

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    Vietnam launches domestic flights for the first time in three months

    For months, life remained the same as the most contagious delta variation spread in Vietnam. As the number of coronaes dwindled, domestic flights resumed operations for the first time – three months after air traffic in the country was completely shut down in Mekong.

    However, only passengers who have been fully vaccinated, cured or have a negative corona test are allowed to board the machines. In addition, strict rules still apply: anyone traveling in the country must be isolated at home for seven days and be subjected to health checks during this time.

    It is not yet clear when international tourists will be able to visit the holiday country again. However, Phú Quốc, the largest island in the Gulf of Thailand, has plans to receive foreign guests back on a pilot program from November. From December the Halong Bay and the coastal city of Hai An, once the largest port in Southeast Asia, can be accessed directly on the Silk Road.

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    Vietnamese passengers at the Vietnamese airport.


    Vietnam Airlines flight VN213 flew from the capital Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) on Sunday, and several more connections will continue, state newspaper VnExpress reported.


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    The task force leader expects the vaccine for children to be approved soon

    The corona vaccine for children under 12 is expected to hit the market soon. Vaccine maker Pfizer / Biotech has provided preliminary data for people between the ages of five and eleven, said Thanja Stotler, head of the scientific task force, to Flick.

    Data should be submitted for approval as soon as possible. The virus is much less dangerous for children than for the elderly. Nevertheless, there are rigorous courses and long covit in children. Therefore, children, like parents, must choose whether or not to be vaccinated.

    Thanja Stadler.


    As a mother of two, Thanja Stadler should vaccinate her children as soon as the Drug Commission approves Swissmetic and recommends it. The authorities and the Vaccine Commission each carefully examined whether the vaccines were safe, effective and recommended. She is relying on this verdict.


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    Sydney is coming out of lockdown after four months

    Today, four months later, the severe lockdown in the Australian metropolis of Sydney is coming to an end. Relaxation is taking place across the state of New South Wales. Since June, shops, schools and institutions have been closed for “non-essential” activities. You are allowed to move a maximum of five kilometers from where you live. So often could not see relatives or play sports.

    Restrictions will be lifted after 106 days as the number of infections declines – 477 cases were reported Sunday in the state of New South Wales – now more than 70 percent of people over the age of 16 have been vaccinated.

    In the first months of the epidemic, Australia was largely thankful for the “zero cow” strategy, closing its borders and extensive testing. However, as a result of the spread of the delta variation, Australia was hit by a winter wave that forced the country’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, to close for several months.

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    The most important thing about the corona crisis from the night

    Welcome to our Corona Ticker. We would like to inform you about the latest developments regarding the Corona crisis.

    These are the most important news of the night:

    • Corona tests are charged today, October 11: The federal government will continue to cover costs for those under 16 and those with a vaccine dose. Repeat tests will be free at schools and institutions.
    • The first zones request: No certificate Further With quick nasal tests: However, the BAG prefers compliance with rapid nasal tests. Further EU guidelines for Covid certification allow this.
    • Are in Italy More than 80 percent Those over 12 years of age Vaccinated: The government has achieved one of its main objectives in the fight against the epidemic. Nonetheless, it is not enough, Guido Rasi, who is an adviser to the government’s Corona Special Commission, insists.
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