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Press Release: FunkyJahPunkys and Ice T

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What up guys, I wanted to let you know about our band the FunkyJahPunkys. We will be in Amsterdam for the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup where we will be playing alongside acts like Los Marijuanos, Barrington Levy, Slightly Stoopid and Jefferson Starship. After the cup we will be coming to the UK to promote our newest release titled Corporate Takeover. I'm attaching a little PR posting at the bottom of this and I'd appreciate it if you'd check us out at

the FjP say "Think Free - Live Free"
(PR) Legendary rapper, actor and musician Ice-T lends his vocal prowess and presence to the single and video for The FunkyJahPunkys' first single and title of their new album, "Corporate Takeover."

The album will be in-stores and available online on October 13th. The album was recorded at Dinky Studios in Corona, California, and produced/engineered by The FjP along with the owner of the studio, Billie Stevens (Handsome Devil, O.C.).

Ice-T enjoyed working with The FunkyJahPunkys. "It is very refreshing to work with a true, hard core, underground group. There are not many left." Ice-T just wrapped up the summer touring with the 15th anniversary Warp Tour, and is releasing new material with his band Body Count later this year.

Lead vocalist Justin "GIANTj" Gulley talks about the reaction to their new album. "We are very proud to be recognized as the proper example of how a band should exist in today music industry; DIY, on a professional level if you will. By committing to playing 20 shows a month for the last 3 years, we have been able to pull off some pretty big accomplishments for a little West Coast band." (The Hip-Hop guests on their last record included the likes of Coolio).

"When Ice-T came aboard the Corporate Takeover project, we were all hoping for Colors, Cop Killer kind of feelings. As he laid down his lyrics, the goose bumps arrived. Both the lyrical and visual content of this song are perfect for what our world is like right now. It is like a perfect representation of the feelings brewing in the streets."

The FunkyJapPunkys have taken on the difficult task of combining specific genres of music, including punk, funk & reggae, to create their unique and explosive sound. "We pride ourselves on our ability to include all the sounds that have influenced us throughout our lives, and still produce our own clear style. We like to define it as Rage-Against-The-Clashing-Peppers" With the FJP's consistently impressive performances, and solid work ethic, they have forged their name from the background of the underground, into the foreground of contemporary music.

The band will be performing that the internationally heralded High Times Cannabis Cup, later this year, followed by their first European Tour(14 dates 2 countries). "We've also done over 600 shows out a van with mileage equal to 3.3 trips around the world," Says Gulley.

See the video for "Corporate Takeover" here:

Christopher Olthoff

Pacific Coast Pirates

Las Vegas, NV USA


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