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Weather forecast. Canada, Nova Scotia, Fiona «3B Meteo Maximum Warning for Arrival

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A powerful tropical cyclone in eastern Canada
A powerful tropical cyclone in eastern Canada

Hurricane Fiona is a powerful Atlantic hurricane with sustained winds of 200 km/h west of Bermuda. Forecast averages indicate that Fiona will continue to become a hurricane as it weakens and moves north. Near Nova Scotia, Canada, it will be joined by a trough from Canada and begin its extratropical transition; This means that it will lose tropical cyclone characteristics and develop towards powerful mid-latitude cyclogenesis.

Don’t be misled by the fact that it will no longer be a hurricane. At this stage of the transition from hurricane to tropical cyclone, strengthening of ocean burst cyclogenesis (Shapiro Geiser Model) is often detected with a further drop in barometric pressure. In fact, the numerical models simulate pressure values ​​below the climate with records below 930 hPa. Historically, the lowest blood pressure recorded in Canada was 940 hPa. Fiona, though post-hurricane, will have “hurricane” winds Compared to Juan, who made landfall on the western tip of Nova Scotia in 2003, it has sustained offshore winds of 200 km/h. But its effects will be felt on the ground as well, not only to violent winds, but also to high waves of more than 15-20 meters, flooding and coastal erosion. So would Fiona Effects of Atmospheric Circulation on the North Atlantic. Eastern Canada is preparing for the arrival of one of the most intense storms in recent years. We will follow.

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