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The actor snatched a primacy in the Marvel universe from Robert Downey Jr.

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the Marvel Cinematic Universe He has a new hero: I’ve been saying goodbye to various players for a few years now Iron Man And captain Americait’s up now Nick Fury and its translator Samuel L. Jackson He became the real face of the franchise. And now, thanks A new personal recordIt’s definitely official.

in the past hours, The former boss of SHIELD. officially Marvel character with the most appearances in the MCU trailers. The previous precedence belongs to Robert Downey Jr.who started out as Tony Stark in this whole vein in 2008.

Since then, Iron Man has appeared in three movies of his own, four chapters on The Avengers, plus a few guest appearances here and there in movies like Captain America – Civil War And Spider-Man: Homecoming. But since 2019, the character and actor have said goodbye to the scene after the poignant final scene of Avengers: Endgame. On the other hand, Samuel L. Jackson has gone on to set the canon in the MCU.

With the latest trailer from Marvelsthe actor boosted his appearances in the MCU to 10. Not counting his appearance in the final scene of Iron ManWe saw him in the sequel, V.I The Avengersin Captain America: The Winter Soldierwhere Nick Fury is “dead”, so in the season finale Shield agents – The series whose canonism has always been questionable.

Then he went back to the trailer for Age of Ultron in 2015, Captain Marvel in 2019 and Spider-Man: Far From Homebut also in what if…? For 2021 and more recently Secret invasion. This latest series marks the first real project in which Nick Fury is the ultimate hero, a goal achieved after “only” 15 years as a supporting actor in other Marvel character films. We will see him again on the big screen alongside him Brie Larson and others, but which we now know is the real glue of the MCU.

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With all due respect to the different Dr. StrangeAnd bull And any other character who wants to apply to take this new record away from him…

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