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We loved each other very much: after decades, Ettore Scola brought cinema back to the Elysee

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Ribbon cutting, red carpet and lights in the hall for the first edition of Ettore Scola Prizewho finds a home, New Elysio Cinema. A confession created specifically to reopen a file cinema culture housea mission in Irbina that gave birth to one of the greatest masters of Italian cinema.

This is what the journalist and film critic remembered Laura Daily Cooley, Ettore Scola has roots in Trevico, where the family home is. And under the big lemon tree, in the main square of the city, watch his first film: Fra Diavolo.

My father was always very attached to his land – he comments Silvia Scola And he was always important to his journey. We haven’t come much in Irbina over the years, but the connection to the origins and the south has always been very strong. Because his cinema was like that, always in contact with people. I was surprised by the mayor of Avellino’s initiative. They called it cinema, arenas and theaters, but the Ettore Scola Prize has not yet been awarded. We went to Trevico House in the summer. I have memories from my childhood, when we came in the summer, it was the only time my father liked to come because he was going back to Trevico, the highest city in Avellino.”

Early evening. like point of view Full movie theater, ten long years after the fire that destroyed it in January 2012. Something was surely missing, a whole piece of the city – perhaps – that was not on the list, and also absent were the associations that make cinema, promote it, and share it with the public, who love cinema, in all its expressions.

after every thing People make places. But we are sure that there will be time to recover, and in the meantime the start has been effective, as the mayor assured Gianluca Vista: «It is a historical evening, I do not hide satisfaction, passion and joy. Twenty years later, we are returning this jewel of exceptional beauty and powerful symbolic meaning to Avellino and to the whole of Irpinia. This is the place of culture where generations grew up and brains and intelligence were formed. It is the turning point day for the city so you can get up again, start walking again and even fly.”

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“It takes awareness, determination, vision and courage – go on with the essential citizen – with a culture that does not eat it but grows and shapes minds, societies and intelligence. This is our goal, as we are aware that economic resources may be required, but we are convinced that it will be an investment for current generations, our greatest treasure and we want to strengthen it.”

And who knows that the structure named after Camilo Marino and Giacomo Donofrio next year will not see a big comeback. Lasino DoroWe are in dialogue with the organization and perhaps this year we will already have a little taste. The doors of the associations are wide open before us, and we are ready to collect invitations, initiatives, ideas and proposals. We look forward to getting to know them so we can implement them together. The Elysee has its own history – Fiesta concludes – it was born as a cinema and will never lose its mission. The proposals will also be expanded to include theater, art and music.

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The red carpet at the Elysee Palace directed by Virzì and actors Buy and Albanese: Avellino rewards the greats of Italian cinema and pays homage to Maestro Ettore Scola

The first step in the imagined path was also the Artistic Director of the Scola Award, Director Giovanni VeroneseI like the idea that a city like Avellino that doesn’t often celebrate cinema is at the heart of Italian cinema. There are many guests who did not hesitate to accept the invitation, and all of them are first level characters who come to celebrate the master. Cinema is a family and it is like celebrating a family member. Let’s enjoy the moment, this is a real cinema, you can feel the flavor. From the architecture, obviously a few years back, they tell me it was abandoned decades ago and that it has also been vandalized in the past and I’m glad it’s been renovated. I think municipal administrations and politicians should think about culture, and about all that education does and keeps ignorance away from people and children. Such initiatives are essential and rare. I invite the people of Avellino to appreciate this event.”

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October 28 in particular was an evening of stories and friendship, which saw a rotation on stage of the people who were next to Ettore Scola on and off site, who shared with him the art and craft of cinema. like actress Giovanna Raleighthe immortal Elide in the movie We loved each other very much: “I met him when he wasn’t a manager yet. He came to see me while I was shooting a scene in Cinecittà in 1953. He was shooting the script Everyone stop… I’ll come!. I was in the pool dressed up, and I got caught up in a scene where they threw me into the water with all my clothes on. Ettore picked me up and asked if I was cold. Then we couldn’t see each other for a few years, until he called me about the movie If you please, let’s talk about women in 1964. The effect there was extraordinary because working with Scola was the best thing that could happen to an actor. The film went to America. Blake Edwards saw him and sent me and I made movies with him. I owe that Hollywood bow to Ettore. Then I did a certain day in the theater. I remember I didn’t want to play that role because Sophia Loren was so good that I was afraid there would be comparisons. But I won Best Actress. I am inextricably linked with Scola. Then there is the movie We loved each other very much, in which she played the role of Ellis. She is one of the family to me. I usually leave the characters where they are, and don’t take them home. With Elide it was different. She came with me and was photographed in my bedroom, because we were quite alike, the character who sewed her, more than I loved her.”

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Festive photos and videos, memories and shared words that filled the Casa della Cultura Cinematografica in Avellino. Such a big name in football will fill the stadium and the heart of his community. he said that Eduardo Leo: “My greatest memory is in the collection people of rome I worked for him and looked at him like a Neapolitan looking at Maradona. I looked at him like a child in a whirlpool. She has inspired multiple generations, not just me. He would have inspired me even if I saw him from a distance. I was fortunate enough to know him, work with him, and share some special moments which is why I jumped through hoops to attend and honor him.”

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