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Start making videos like this, and you’ll be speechless

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If you have an iPhone 14, you should definitely try to record videos in this way. The result will be stunning and worthy of a professional camera: vision is believable!

A few weeks ago now, apple Officially launched and new launched on the market iPhone 14. The assortment consists of 4 models, suitable for every type of need and pocket. There are innovative features and others that cause debate. Especially because there are some errors With iOS 16.

If you have an iPhone 14, we recommend that you try these tricks to get practically perfect videos right away (Adobe Stock)

If you are among those who have already decided to buy the latest edition of the California company range, there is one thing that you absolutely must know. Did you know there is one Video recording mode Which, if set to the right standards, will produce professional results?

iPhone 14, here’s how to record professional videos

iPhone 14 20221016
Here’s everything you need to know and how to best implement the method (Adobe Stock)

The manager thought about the possibilities of this method Joey Helmswhich created a real video tutorial to show you how to create a file iPhone 14 For recording videos that are not the envy of professional machines. “We’re not talking about the usual stills technically shot with an iPhone, but a full crew and tens of thousands of dollars in lights and movie sets.Explain the protagonist in the video. This time, in fact, the only plug-ins are a file Gimbal it’s a Neutral density variable filter.

Two accessories that The cost is very low Better result is guaranteed. To get the results obtained from the posted video, Helms explained that you should block Both focus and exposure. By doing this, neither of them will differ during the scene. As for the shutter speed, you have to use a third-party app like Filmic Pro. The advice is to refer to 24 frames per second.

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For light, a filter is needed to reduce brightness as needed. Finally, set Cinema Mode, which creates huge files but is definitely much easier To be “handled” during assembly. Other accessories may be needed for better results, but the gimbal and ND filter are already sufficient. If you also want to experience the capabilities of the iPhone 14 and test yourself, this is the time.

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