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Russian gamers threaten GSC to publish “tens of gigabytes” of leaks –

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a A group of Russian players He issued an ultimatum to the developers of GSC Game World, threatening them with publication Tens of gigabytes of material leaked to stalker 2 If they do not comply with their requests, which include reintroducing Russian as a supported language.

The alarm was raised by a post on the VK social network, which you can find at this is the address while who here English translation, where the group attached some images and concept art for the game to prove that their threats are serious and tangible. In the press release they claimed to have “Una Huge amount of material ABOUT STALKER 2 including the full story, cinematic descriptions, various concept art, world maps, and much more. The total size is calculated in tens of gigabytes.

To prevent such material from being leaked online, GSG Game World is required to comply with their requests by March 15, 2023, including an apology to the Belarusian and Russian players, and a reintroduction of the Russian language Among those supported and that in the official STALKER 2 Discord game is user NF Star “Not Banned”, who claims to have been banned for no reason.

The group says they don’t want to reveal the material in their possession because they know it “might lead to postponement or cancellation of the match” which is not their goal. They claim that their “friendly attitude” is evidenced by the fact that they have only released a small portion of their material out of spite. For now, GSC Game World has not publicly responded to their threats.

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STALKER 2, official image

As you know, STALKER 2 is under development at GSC Game World, a studio located in Ukraine. Or rather, it was located in Ukraine. In fact, the invasion of the country by Russian forces forced a large part of the developers to move to Prague where the new headquarters is located, while others stayed in the country and worked remotely, still others fought for their homeland and unfortunately some of them died in the battle. All this inevitably slowed down work on the game, now scheduled for an indefinite period in 2023.

In March last year, GSC Game World announced this STALKER 2 will not be released in Russia (So ​​it won’t even work to localize this language). Thus, he stated:

“We don’t regret losing that part of society that supports the war in Ukraine. We know there are people who know what’s going on and support Ukraine in this war, but you also won’t be able to buy the game. Do that. Discrimination is not possible.”

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