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SpaceX is the first company to launch a space launch in 2022, and it does so with 49 new StarLink satellites.

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2022 only started a few hours ago, 8 days to be exact, but spaceflights have already begun, and guess what agency just opened the “round”? Many of you probably guessed it because we’re talking about SpaceX, a company born out of the mind of that genius who is Elon Musk, number one at Tesla and many other things.

SpaceX, 8/1/2022 –

we will, 6th of January last year, On Epiphany Day take one Starlink’s new mission From Pad 39A from the Kennedy Space Center at 22:49 CET. In detail, they were aboard a Falcon 9 rocket Launching 49 Starlink satellites, For a total of 1991 it has been launched into orbit since the Musk satellite network was activated to connect to the Internet. In 2021, SpaceX carried out 31 space missions, but for the year it’s just starting, the space agency could break that record, reaching forty launches, These five are already planned and involve the use of the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in circulation at the moment.

SPACEX launches 2022: 49 new STARLINK satellites in orbit

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At this moment they are about 145 thousand active users In the satellite calling service, but many more satellites are still needed to have a perfect connection, to be exact, about another 2,500, to get to the well number 4408 satellites, Positioned at an altitude of 550 km above the Earth. It was there that slowed down the process Chip Crisis Especially in 2020, delaying deliveries, and some users who signed the contract with Starlink in February 2021, received the proverb only these days, so it is almost a year late, even if the copy of the proverb is certainly improved with regard to the “Promised” .

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In the meantime, it will be curious to know what you think of this new launch Josef Asbacher, Director General of the European Space Agency (European Space Agency). In recent months, the same has been expressed this way about SpaceX, emphasizing the “chaos”: “Space will be more constrained to orbital frequencies and apertures. European governments collectively must have an interest in offering European suppliers equal opportunities to play in a fair market.” . And again, referring to Elon Musk but without naming him: “There is someone who owns half the active satellites in the world. It’s very amazing. In fact, he makes the rules.” We will see how the situation develops but rest assured that the South African billionaire will not be too discouraged by these words and these “barriers”, it is he who aims to become space king After assuming the throne of the electric vehicle, will he also succeed in this task?

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