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Unstoppable Fiat, dusting off the historic 126: that’s how it could be I It’s expected in 2024: PHOTOS

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Big fans of the brand and this model are already dreaming: between nostalgia and anticipation, here’s how we can find the 126 again

There are cars that make you dream and we’re not necessarily talking about luxury cars. We are talking about models that made history, Because their success has allowed them to become iconic, almost essential, and a part of our daily lives for decades. They basically lived with us.

Fiat 126, a piece of history: here’s how it could return to light in 2024

It is certainly present in the drawer of memories of fans of the Fiat brand and the seventies and eighties Fiat 126. This historic model of the Turin brand appeared 1972: the cars sold were more than 4.5 million until the year 2000. So 28-year-old millions of Italians They are used to living driving with another certainty on the roads of Italy: the 126.

The fact that rumors circulated about the possible return of a A very beloved and popular model in those years This means reviving memories and emotions for many Italians. How could it be Revisiting 126 in a modern key? This is the question asked by the experts in the trade, who in the face of these rumors imagined the car “updated” to the present.

“Made Studio” (international award-winning design studio, based in Como and established in 2015) has developed an offer that can characterize the new Fiat 126 Vision. So far there is no official regarding the return of this car, but the idea of ​​the project can bring it back to life in just one year, in 2024.

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Fiat 126 Vision, a dream comeback through the show

The stylistic interpretation of “Made Studio” is all there is to this image. The idea was to preserve the original tradition of the model and Angular lines soften it slightly and make the car more elegant. The presence of a small grille allows you to integrate daytime running lights, while the light clusters have been updated.

The second new Fiat 126 Vision "studio making" Como
Vision of the new Fiat 126 according to “MADE STUDIO” by Como – Photo from the site

The ‘retro’ key was retained with regard to the wheel rims and mirror mounts. Made Studio emphasized the intention and willingness to give New interpretation to the car though some Unmistakable stylistic elements, two above all: the pointed roof at the rear and the square headlights.

By plunging into modern, technological and “electrolyzed” everyday realities, the new Fiat 126 (imagined as a 100% electric city car) can embrace Same platform as the new 500 Electric It guarantees a range of at least 200 km.

The second new Fiat 126 Vision "studio making" Como
Vision of the new Fiat 126 according to “MADE STUDIO” by Como – Photo from the site

The “Fiat 126 Vision” project is already a privilege Unexpected global popularity, so much so that it quickly spread on the web and reached the pages of important engine and design pages. What if this project could really come to life, making the hearts of millions of fans beat faster?

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