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Press Release: Take Down the Trainers Results

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After a month of push ups, crunches and squats at Momentum Fitness with 300 clients against 21 personal trainers the results are in. So who came out on top?

Vancouver – How many times has your trainer pushed you to get those last few crunches in when you're not even sure they could do as many? The members of Momentum Fitness had their chance to even the score during October with MFit's “Take Down the Trainers Challenge”.

All of the trainers at Momentum Fitness challenged clients to a push up, crunches and squat off. The goal was to see who could do more of each exercise during the month of October, all 21 trainers or all 300 clients? Every week the top 3 clients and top 3 trainers were posted along with the totals of the week for all participants so everyone knew how it was coming along and to find out if it's possible to “Take Down the Trainers”.

For the month of October clients of Momentum Fitness did 11,655 push ups, 37,306 crunches and 22,596 squats. Which was almost good enough but the trainers did 15,319 push ups, 36,064 crunches and 22,643 squats leading them to win in push ups and squats. But the clients won in crunches 1264.

Momentum Fitness, a training facility that specializes in personal training, has clients ranging from golfers who want to lower their score to the busy executive struggling to find enough time to stay fit. Momentum’s mission is to apply our extensive knowledge and experience towards helping clients achieve a higher level of fitness and quality of life. We have created an environment that is friendly, professional, fun and safe.

As punishment for losing in crunches the trainers will have to make up the difference on December 19th at Train the Trainer another event held by Momentum Fitness where clients get to exact some much wanted revenge on their trainers.

Contact Info:

Amanda Waring – Operations Manager

Momentum Fitness



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