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All of their films are from the ugliest to the best

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There are questions so complex that they unravel the very fabric of existence, Expressions of ancestors’ doubts and buried them in our darkest nightmares, when we are called to answer dilemmas that are inherently unsolvable and then rescued by the sound of alarm, while a new day greets us dazed and drenched in sweat, but fortunately saved from having to take a stand. Do not ask Hamlet if it is better to endure life’s troubles or fight them with arms, do not let a child choose if he loves his father or mother more, and do not ask a fan if he will trade ten Champions League titles. But most of all Don’t force anyone to rank the best Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo movies.

The most important comedy trio in Italy presented its audience with ten films over twenty-five years of his honorable career, interspersed with very simple stories, punctuated by jokes that became slogans before, and memes with the advent of social media, but Instantly an integral part of the popular culture of a country that has its favorite genre of comedy. After asking ourselves if I Hate Summer was the best movie for Aldo, Giovanni and GiacomoWe decided to face the situation head-on, in the manner of that Danish prince immortalized by Shakespeare, in the hope that we would not succumb to the blows of criticism that had become like a poisoned sword.

10- Escape from Ryoma Park

The latter situation will all agree, because recognition as the worst film of the threesome goes without a doubt to the very unfortunate film of 2016. Although the concept of Three Old Men was a concept already explored by us during many theatrical works and Escape from Ryoma Park A failure on all comedic fronts, from making jokes to building itself, Establishing itself as the only really negative movie in their career As well as flipping at the box office.

The presence of Ficarra and Picone is not enough to revive the fortunes of a title that is a real stumbling block to Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, a bitter disappointment that it kept them out of the entertainment world for four long years.

9- The rich, the poor, and the servant

Before falling to the final position, Morgan Bertaca directed another feature film with the three comedians in Milan. Rich, poor and servant is not the total failure that was the escape from Ryoma Parkbut it certainly had nothing to do with the heights the trio had reached in previous years.

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The frantic social changes taking place between the film’s protagonists are quite basic and understandable, but It better reflects the class struggle developed by other similar playswhile the text based on the scam does not respect the factual and immediate jokes of the three.

8 – The Universe on the Locker

Four standalone episodes It is the setting for the wisdom of Master Tsu’Nam: the summer vacation journey of three complex and different families, unrequited love, a parody of Harry Potter and the search for the perfect temperature to conceive a child.

Perhaps the 2008 film takes a lot of enthusiasm in the concept of simplicity that has characterized previous films, Resulting in dry work although very good. None of the four stories are memorable, but The universe on the locker It allows him to be gently remembered thanks to Giacomo’s brilliant blast against Dr. Frenzi. Excuse me, Justinian Frenzy.

7 – Santa Claus Band

Give Paolo Genovese the huge potential of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo and you’ll have great comedy, right? Not really why Santa Claus band It is a light and easy film, But unable to remain imprinted in memory due to a basic triviality that is too strong to be ignored.

A significant soundtrack signed by Mina – a longtime fan – accompanies the blockbuster film of the 2010 Christmas season, the best title of the comic trio marked by the absence of Massimo Vinier.

6 – Do you know Claudia?

The situation becomes glowing, because from now on only the masterpieces of Italian comedies are included. In 2004 Massimo Vinier directed his last film with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo before returning flowery two years earlier, The only work that the trio did not sign on the subject nor the directionboth left to the author of Varese alone.

Do you know Claudia? It’s not a perfect movie, and it’s definitely the worst movie born out of the collaboration with Venier, but However, it remains a very interesting and different vision compared to the canons of modern Italian comedyThanks to language that is never vulgar and a penchant for gentle emotion that invites us to love each other.

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5 – The Legend of Al, John and Jack

The three Italian-American mafiosi stand as heroes after briefly appearing in Three men and a leg And the this is lifeAnd the The amazing success report of the movie Which would become one of the biggest businesses for the trio.

Al’s excess memory is the perfect excuse to get the tasks done as quickly as possible, while the growth of Italian titles and titles leads to A hilarious comedy about misunderstandingsEven taking an old lady off the station becomes a bloody errand. Between the weird additions of dice and the guarded guns with no safety, The legend of Al, John and Jack It is almost as important to Italian culture as Carabaggio’s most famous paintings.

4 – This is life

At the foot of the platformin a situation that will infuriate every African lion (which in any case is not in a hurry, many deer have already woken up dead) is the second film of the trilogy dating back to 1998.

The Escape for Freedom and Life by Bancomat, also known as Aldo Baglio, is Fantastic road trip through the backwaters of the Lombard countrysideAccompanied by a policeman with ambitions, a writer and game inventor pardoned by La Denilson’s movements. Great quote Pulp Fiction It is just one of many scenes that have entered Italian iconography, for a film considered a true classic of modern cinema.

3 – I hate summer

“For me you go to the sad city, for me you go to eternal pain, for me you go among lost people”: this is the quorum that welcomes those who dare to put the last film of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo in the foreground into three unforgettable masterpieces, but no room for nostalgia To the past in the cold world of charts, because Odio l’Estate is simply a very important and unmissable Italian comedyreached a historical moment in which comedy was embroiled in lewd jokes and attitudes bordering on racism.

We have already told you in Review I Hate Summerbut we’d like to repeat it many times: the film marking Massimo Vinier’s return after 16 years of separation from the trio rediscovers the simplicity of a passionate and tender story, Able to make people laugh and excite them at the same timeTake on themes that once belonged to the now-vanished cinema to give us a sort of cinematic testament to Italy’s most famous comic trio.

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2 – Three men and a man

When you think of a long drive by car, which leads you from lively Milan to the streets of the Wild South, The mind immediately springs into action on the adventure of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo to Gallipolito accompany the fiancée to his wife and compel her to make a mistake that had already marked the lives of the first two.

The first work made with very few means, but able to take root in the common imagination like very few other films have been able to do in the context of the history of the seventh art, Three Men, One Leg is an encyclopedia of unforgettable comedies, is so fundamental that it makes the wording of the list almost offensive. Let’s put Garpez, Count Dracula, the most beautiful dog in the world, Italy – Morocco, trail and climb, we could go on for hours, but the only way to taste all the splendor of this classic is to look at it again for the hundredth time, and laugh as if it were the first.

1 – Ask me if I’m happy

After the rave sang praises Three men and a leg It seems almost a contradiction to put another movie on top of this one, but that’s what happens when advertising Brilliant comedy joins the drama of a shattered friendship.

The third foray into the hall of the comedy trio becomes one of the five highest-grossing Italian films of all time, and the explanation is pretty simple: Ask me if you’re happy is more than a perfect movie, able to orchestrate a very simple plot that manages to connect with each individual spectator and his experiences, with a deep and realistic analysis of human relationships, all while laughing to tears. The soundtrack by Samuel Bersani accompanies in An unmissable journey between love, friendship and theateruntil the surreal finale crowning the star career of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, who entered the history of Italian cinema and in the hearts of all its fans.

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