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Current account, if you exceed this number, the alarm will be triggered: they will debit everything

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The skyrocketing prices, from raw materials to energy and gas, and ever-rising inflation, weren’t enough. Another sting comes that affects the bank account.

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Over the past year, the costs related to the bank account have increased, many services previously included in the subscription today are paid separately and now comes another bad news.

here you are What happens if you exceed a certain amount to your bank account.

Bank account: what happens if you exceed 5,000 euros in stock

The news is official: if your bank account exceeds 5,000 euros, the country will take another sting.

It comes at the worst moment, in a scenario of crisis and inflation that continues to rise, just as Italians try to save in various ways between the increasingly uncertain low wages and the unsustainable cost of living.

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Current account stamping fee –

To save in the bank account, many choose online account: Its cost is lower than the classic even if, on the other hand, it does not provide the same services and there is no direct contact with a consultant, which is often useful.

Now everything has changed, there is no way out: whether you want to keep the traditional bank account or choose the online one, the rule remains the same. If your account is exceeded 5 thousand euros in stockHowever, you will have to pay a certain fee. We’ll have to pay tax fee This applies to any type of checking account. Nobody can escape this state law. Character drawing translates to approx €40 per year for individuals e 100 EUR for work.

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How to avoid paying stamp duty

There is a legal system for avoiding stamp duty that makes the most sense: you must Decrease the account balance This brings it to a figure of less than 5 thousand euros.

By stock we mean liquid money: on the other hand, the law does not take into account the money you invest and freeze. Thus, the only loophole is invest your money In order to always keep the stock below 5,000 euros. Here’s how you can avoid paying the stamp duty.

Bank account
Current account stamping fee –

Banks currently offer many forms of investment which in theory also allow you to protect yourself from inflation. Of course, one must rely on honest advisors before signing up for an investment to understand whether it is a safe and valid transaction or not.

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